Sunday, April 19, 2009

After the storms and Flowers

After the bad storms last week we had so many trees uprooted. I got a few shots around town. This part of Grace was blocked off because a huge tree blocked the road
It didn't bother the poor tree near the hospital, I hate looking at how they massacred it around the electric lines!!
This was the tree at the hospital and below is a lot they are piling up some of the trees and limbs. I wish I had gotten pictures of the Children's Home but they cleaned it up quickly. It was very bad. Several houses were hit all around town. The last one is a house above the hospital that a tree fell across the street and hit, I really wish you could see the roots on these pictures!

NOW here are some of my plants. I planted things to attract humming birds and butterflies. I have a section with zinnias which are my favorite. They surround my butterfly bush. I put bee balm near two of my roses. The one I was most concerned about has 2 buds!
At the front with my other roses I put red and purple Verbena, Phlox, Dianthus and purple Petunias. I also have some Pineapple mint and other mint I brought over from my old house.
I put a Blue Angel Columbine at my backdoor in a cement planter and filled hanging baskets to put at my bird feeders with Salvia, Ageratum and my favorite Nicotiana called Hummingbird II Rose.
I will get a few more herbs I think. My friend Tim said I could have a pole for my feeders he would bring me. I am having to fill up the 2 I have Every Day! They are small though.
Well I am going to see what my friends have been up to, LOL, and get ready for bed.

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