Saturday, April 18, 2009

I have been so busy today! I started out my favorite way and went to a yard sale at my Grandmother's church and got 3 wooden dining chairs for $9. Now when we have friends over we don't have to wheel over the computer chairs, LOL!
When I got home I started cleaning the garage and got a lot thrown away and more room. I still have to go through boxes I want to price for a yard sale.
I did do these two pages when I got up early this morning. They are from Charli's birth and I used In Memoriam by Rina Kroes and Kimmi Stewart @ SBE.
After Les got off work we finished up the garage, went to see my Grandmother, ate at China Garden and then we went over to play with Charli. She was in a silly mood, I took her some Leap Frog toys and a Magna Doodle and she had a blast! She has loves to play Hop on Pop. She will try her best to jump!
I took some pictures of my flowers and will post later when I get more time.

Friday, April 17, 2009

I found a wonderful new site since I have been doing Garden Girl's Designs called Scrapable! This page made with Squeaky Clean was done for a challenge to make your bottom paper show through, I love how it turned out! Her kits are so much fun to work with!

I almost hate for this week to end, LOL, my 'wild child' has been on vacation and for a couple of days we only had 4 kids and it has been a good, quiet week! My new child Mason is wonderful! He is so full of smiles and we have really bonded!

Les and I went and got some more plants yesterday, the ones I tried to start didn't do so well, that was my fault because I left them outside and covered with plastic instead of bringing them in! I bought things that are for butterfly and hummingbird gardens. When I get off I will get to work, LOL!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


More pictures of Charli from Gina's camera, she won't usually let Gina do her hair but she sat in my lap when Gina did mine and let her put her hair up. She is not very happy after she got home I guess, LOL!

This is the book I found at the library on bird watching, it is wonderful! Tells foods the birds really like and even how to make some simple feeders.
I'm glad it is getting warmer and no rain! I took some pictures of the uprooted trees around town! We had many old, big trees uprooted including the one at the hospital, one that destroyed a house 2 miles from us (the hospital is less than a mile away from my house) and the Children's Home lost many and was a mess! There is a lot near the house they have piled up with trees! I will share the pictures later. There were a couple of tornadoes that touched down: we were blessed they didn't get any closer to us!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I can't wait to scrap these pictures! I got them from Gina's camera along with others I will share. I was happy that Marie came to see us yesterday after Gina cut her hair. Charli was real sweet to her, I was very happy, as much as I adore the child she is not friendly to those she doesn't know well.
Mama, Jeff and I went to Fuji Express to eat after I kept Charli. Mama and I might go on a day trip Saturday, that will be fun!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I made this using In Memoriam which is by Rina Kroes and Kimmi Stewart I made 6 pages with this kit. I was finding pictures from last year and this year. It is probably the best kit I own! So many beautiful pieces and colors!
Had a great day at work yesterday, had 4 kids! I am getting a new assistant who is wonderful! She spent some time with us, I am going to miss Amanda but am glad to have Cassadra!
I can't wait to see Charli today! It really makes my week!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Saturday Les hung my Hummingbird feeder and they started coming up right away! Although the are more timid that the finches which are quickly emptying the feeder I did manage to get this shot!
I usually get a big bag of food at Triangle hardware but I might go to the Co-op and price it, I split it between here and school so it is taking a lot! I know they are supposed to slow down and eat bugs and things but I am so enjoying them!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


EASTER Sunday has been quiet, Gina's family was the only family joining us at church and Les had to go to work so no lunch or anything special. We have communion tonight so I guess I will go sit with Tim and Leighanne since we take it by families. My younger sister had minor surgery this week but she is doing fine.
This is Charli with her Easter basket from us, I was good, no stuffed animals or chocolate. I got her a cute book and put mine and her pictures in the back. When you turn the pages you see our pictures! I also find a yellow duck made from white chocolate, a Dr Seuss toothbrush and some hairbows.
I also printed a paper pocketbook with her picture on it, it was just for fun, she has it in her hand in the picture below.
The bottom picture is of most of the kids at church this morning! It is getting harder to get a good group picture, LOL!