Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Rina!

I really love working with Rina and Kimmi at Scrapbook Elements! They are wonderful designers and I am blessed to create with their beautiful kits! I got this one last night... it is Mellow on My Mind
I am catching up on some of Rina's older kits even though I love her new things so much. I just love these soft colors and tend to get her kits with pinks in them just because I love to make Brag Book pages for Charli. Working with Rina gave me the inspiration to do stacked papers, I really love this look! I don't want to be greedy and ask for too many kits, LOL, I want to be around a Long Time!
Each week Rina blesses us with gorgeous Scripture Word Art at SBE the thread is Here
It would be great if you stopped by and joined us for the weekly Scripture Challenge, it is great getting to know people that are not afraid to scrap their faith!


Les is a Grumpy Bear this morning! I feel sorry for those at work today! He got me to bring him Advil when I got up at 5:30 and then he got up and asked if I was OK, I said I was fine and he fussed because I didn't ask if HE was OK. I knew he wasn't because he had asked for the Advil but we had just talked about not complaining so much the other night! Then he was looking for his gout med and asked me where it was, I told him I did not touch his medicine except to get him the Advil and he blows up about how a simple No would do.
He had trouble putting on his shoe and I asked him if he had been keeping up with what he ate and he said he had had Nothing he wasn't supposed to! Now he is really aggravated I didn't give him a hug... I told him not to start my day badly and expect a HUG! I did tell him I loved him though. Please pray for him and his right broke foot and left foot with Gout!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Roses for Valentines

This is one of the types of roses I had planted for Valentines. I bought 6 bushes and Les and my brother planted them. This one is Queen Elizabeth which I got because my Mom, sister and daughter are all named Elizabeth! It is planted on the side of my house so I can see it as I put up in the drive way. One of our church deacons gave me a metal bench, table and chair, it really looks great! I am proud of them and want to make a little place to sit them.
Last year I had a small herb garden. Hopefully I will get that going, too. I have the seeds sitting right in front of me. The main thing is attracting butterflies. I also bought zinnias. It should be warm enough soon to start them!
My nephew graduated from Boot camp in Ga. Wednesday and will be going to Texas now. I am proud of him and hope he does really well. He is very smart, just never stuck to anything, now at 25 he is in the Army. Jeremy had a lot to do with that.
Papa is now at home, thank goodness Les helped before he went to work!
Mama had to go back and get the place where she had her mastectomy drained for the third time, she is getting worried about that.
This week Bud taught us about how words affect our health. He showed many scriptures and it really made sense! He explained how we cause our immunity system to be weak when we make statements like "I am coming down with the Flu"
and how we often cause our own health problems. I have always seen this from family members who tend to be sick a lot. My own MIL is always sick, I always figure it is a way to get attention as is the case with many people.
I have always thought it strange that I have an Immunity suppressive disease and Les always gets the stomach viruses and bad colds! One thing I do, though has been when a virus starts going through work I start praying that I won't get it. Prayer works and I don't have to miss days out sick!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Office

I thought I would share pictures of my office. I am very proud to have my own space. Les can have the living room, I hardly go in there except that that's where my Volkswagens are, LOL! You can tell my favorite colors are Kermit green and aqua, the bottom two shelves of my bookcase are Charli's toys and the rest are art supplies, paints, colored pencils and my cross stitch. I am going to get a small kitchen set to go here. I have a whole bunch of tea sets and play food in the garage so as soon as she is old enough we will have tea parties. I don't mind sharing my space with her!
Where my sewing machine is has my photo boxes and albums, magazines, sewing and beads. To the right of my computer is all my scrap booking stuff and my yarn.
I decided to add the top of my desk because I surround myself with pictures and some of my favorite things, I Love those jeweled crosses that my Mom gave me, there's also a I Love Grandma mug from Charli, a prayer box and a silver angel frame from my Mom. My Valentine from Les is on top and there's the box of chocolates I haven't finished. That's the TV beside Charli's desk, it sits on an antique sewing machine from a good friend.
Well, I hope this gives you a glimpse into who I am. I spend more time here than anywhere else!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I guess you can guess where this cup came from, LOL!
My SIL's Grandmother died Sunday. It was his Dad's Mother, the funeral will be at 11:00. They weren't close but she had done several things for Trey and Gina including giving them money to buy Charli's crib.
NHC won't take Papa because he can walk too far and he can't go to the Rehab hospital because he can't do enough for himself. It looks like he may Have to go home and have a visiting nurse. I was so hoping he could go to NHC where they could take care of him and give Kathie a break!
I got a nice thank you card from Preacher Bud for helping with Dink and Kat's Anniversary party. I thought that was very nice!
It is still below freezing in the mornings, I am so ready for spring!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


This is one thing I am missing from my collection... a VW Thing! I was playing around last night looking for images and found out that Matchbox added this to the 2008 collection. Actually Hotwheels and Johnny Lightning have a version, too! I am going to have to see if I can still find one! I came up on 2 Bahas at Dollar General last week, so maybe I have a chance!
That's the challenge now with my collection, finding things I don't have, LOL!
I don't have a lot of the newer VW's and have just recently been finding my favorite the "Ghia", I would Love to actually have one of these cars! I would love to have one to go to car shows in! I have a picture of me beside one from the 2007 car show uptown on my EHD I may have to find and post, LOL!
Well Annabelle was still out sick yesterday, Amanda had to send her home early Thursday, I hope she comes back today so I will have all my babies!
After I get home from seeing Charli I hope to go see Papa, he took a bad turn with his heart and had to be moved to another floor with constant monitoring, Jeremy never contacted me again to check on him, I guess he hasn't gotten Internet time.
Gina had to go back to get an adjustment on her jaw, she had a head ache Sunday so Les and I were alone in church, when all my family come we take up two pews but lately that is rare, Gina doesn't miss many Sundays though, I think that's the second one this year, I really enjoy seeing everyone there.

Monday, February 23, 2009

I needed to make a book for a couple at church who are celebrating their 50th Wedding anniversary today. They eloped so I had no pictures from the wedding and the photos I had were not from the 50's so I came up with this idea. I downloaded pictures from 1959 and researched a little. The kit is called Home Made Memories by Connie Prince
This is the Gotta Pixel link but it is also at Divine Digital and on sale for $2!
I wish I had more time with this because I didn't get the pictures until Friday night and since I did some cleaning and kept Charli I was rushing to get it done yesterday! I did 24 pages though and told Kat if she got me some pictures I would add them for her.
I did add the photo frame from Natali at Scrapbook Graphics and the overlay that makes the paper look old is from Elena's Blog. I learned these things from '59
Lee Petty won first Daytona 500
The Dixie our local diner opened
The Corvair was first introduced
and several other things.
I think I will do my kids and Charli and Seth books about the year they were born, I might even do mine!
Oh, Papa had to get his IV back, he is dehydrating and had a bad day yesterday.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

What a wonderful time I had playing with Charli last night! I redid my office so her desk is beside mine and made her toys more accessible to her so we played. I gave her a Princess Valentine and she carried it around and would put her pocketbook over her arm and she kept her crown and beads on. I am glad she is so girly! I now have room in my office for a small kitchen set in the next few months. I have a huge collection of tea set and play food I have been getting as I go to thrift stores and I am so excited she is growing up and actually playing!