Saturday, July 9, 2011

I scrapped today! It has been a long time but Cathy K has a new U Build It kit Summer Serenade and I couldn't resist working on photos from June!
I uploaded a video of Charli today
Took Charli to Festival of Discovery and was having a nice time eating ribs and listening to music when a storm came up! Had to wait until it let up a little under a vender's tent before we could make it to car. Parking was CRAZY! They had our regular spot blocked and were parking as far away as Dollar General and library! No handicap spaces open! Thank goodness after Les let us out he found a close one!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

I joined Swagbucks today, I earned about 60 points so far, a friend told me you can earn gift cards and gifts using it to search the web. I just hope I remember to use it instead of Google, LOL! There is a daily survey I need to check every day, too for points. I printed a couple of coupons and when I use them I will get more points. I also added my Blog so a couple times a month I will tell you what I got, if there are any super deals or anything.
Just a quick note to say we had a good time in Ninety Six watching the fireworks! We picked up Gina and the babies and went to Barbara Etters and sat with Tim and Leighanne, We got Gina home just before 11. She is very tired and Charli was a little ill. Trey stayed with his Dad, he had a better day today Gina said, we are waiting for a call just anytime. Gina picked Debbie up a top for the funeral, Mickey told Debbie he was dying, he is in so much pain. It is so hard on Trey!