Saturday, May 16, 2009

Charli loves her swing! A couple of weeks ago I took these pictures as we played, since Cathy did this kit with the frame group I thought I would scrap them together, I also did a brag book size, I plan on doing another one today.
The kit is These Days and can be found Here. Please leave Cathy K love and a Thank you if you download it! I am so hoping she makes it to Round 3 in this contest! I looked at all 60 kits and really believe here's is one of the best! I only downloaded 3 this week. I think the 365 challenge was a little hard for some of the designers.
I plan on going to a couple of yard sales this morning. I mostly go to church or fund raising ones. Les was going to go with me but his Dad is on a rampage because his truck wouldn't start and he wanted Les to swap the battery and so before he goes to work he has to deal with that. His Dad had gotten argumentative and mean. I am glad Jeremy is not here to see it and don't want Gina to remember him like this! Dementia has really set in and Les and his Mom are the ones who it is coming out on most. I won't talk about it much more, it is depressing.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Each month I photograph Charli on this lamb to see how she's grown...

Cathy finished her round 2 kit at the DSA challenge and I love it! It's called These Days and you can check it out and leave her some love Here!
I thought this was the Perfect kit to scrap these!

I have lost my voice for some reason. I went to Wal-Mart to get some cough syrup and they had no store brand, not the 8 oz I usually get or even the 4 oz. I don't mind that much if I can't talk but Les always makes me answer questions like "Do we have any ice cream?" instead of looking in the freezer...
Today at work our theme is Bumble Bees, we have been singing "Bringing hom a baby Bumble bee" and coloring pictures. One of the girls wore a Cute shirt that says I am (Picture of Bee) -utiful! I think I may make some WA like that. I haven't got to take any new pictures of insects yet but my flowers should bring them in as summer gets closer. I know I will get a lot when the Festival comes and Les and I take the garden tours.
I think next week will be butterflies...

OH, I can hear now after 6 months! It didn't take the Dr long to get all the wax out, it was well worth the money!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I got kind of tickled to see this at my Hummingbird feeder! I still don't have but a single hummer coming by, I hope that will change, Last summer I had several fighting over the feeder. Maybe it is a little early yet.

I found a great blog for Digital Scrapper's called Rebecca's Scrapping Silliness. She is very talented! She has many wonderful free kits, check her out!

I only had 6 kids yesterday because Hunter was sick, I hope he feels better today.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It is wonderful to be a Grandmother! Simple things mean so much because you have time to enjoy it! Yesterday Charli called me Meme several times and gave me big kisses, she was in a fabulous mood!
My ear is really bothering me now. I am going to the ENT Thursday after work, I got off work early today because it hurt so badly! I took some advil and a nap before I went to keep Charli. I felt blessed to get an appointment that quick. Our ENTs stay booked up.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The young birds are at my feeders now! What a fun time watching the parents feed them, too! I just wish I could share with Charli, I can just imagine her pointing and saying "LOOK!" I got several great shots!
My FIL came home from the hospital Friday but he is not in his right mind at all. I feel bad for Les as he gets upset everytime he calls or goes to see him. At least Jeanette is staying with them for a few days.
I am looking forward to seeing Gina's house today. Trey took the wrought iron down and replaced it with wood rails on her front porch for Mother's Day. I am ready for my love from Charli, too, LOL!

Monday, May 11, 2009

This is a picture from the Park Seed Garden last year. I am getting so excited that it is almost time I can go again! the tour is the end of June, Zaroga, Les is taking that Saturday of so you tell Frank he needs to get well so you can ride to Greenwood and go with us, LOL! Thanks for the hints on my computer, I had dumped my cache and cookies and my Antivirus was supposed to update automatically but this AM when I went to check that No Antivirus! So this is a quickie post so I can fix that!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Mother's Day card

A Special Card to all you Mom's Out there from Charli and I!
Here are my gifts from Gina, Charli and Trey. Jeremy sent me a Sweet but quick email telling me how much he loves and misses me, that made my day even better!
OH, and I won Photo of the Day at Gotta Pixel! That was awesome, too!
I used a kit by Cathy K called One Fine Day. It's her Contest entry at DSA for a design contest. Stop by and see it HERE and please leave her some love!

I am still having trouble with Foxfire! I can't get it to uninstall or open. I may have Many more misspells now, I am used to FF pointing them out!