Thursday, September 2, 2010

I started off with a great day, Gina's first appointment was canceled so I did a couple of errands and picked up Charli then I mad the mistake of taking Les to his Mom's where his sister showed out. I took Charli and we went to Sonic. She told me she did not like that woman and when she got home she told her Mommy how that mean woman yelled at her Meme. Gina told her she did not have to see her again. I dread the day my Mother in Law passes away, I wish I never had to see my SIL again!
I got home though and Chris Weber had made and sent me a card so my night ended very well! How wonderful that an internet friend from California could have such perfect timing!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I do feel better today! Yesterday I could barely walk by the end of the day! My left knee was hurting so badly and that is my good one.
I can watch butterflies from my window since I have my butterfly bushes out there, the zinnias are up front and attract them and hummingbirds, too. Great photo ops, just still a little too hot for me to breathe well out there, though.

Monday, August 30, 2010

A few more art quilts

I started feeling a little better today, slept a lot, cross stitched and watched TV. The doctor's office said all the tests were fine including uric acid so no gout!
These are most of the quilts now, they really motivated me!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

More Art Quilts and rambling

Here are more of the art quilts and a close up up my favorite one.
We took Charli with us to the Picnic and singing tonight at church. She enjoyed it.
For the last 3 days I have been in a weak phase with no energy. I am getting ready to go to bed already and it is not quite 9PM. I will get my blood work tomorrow to find out is I still have gout. I usually eat chicken and beef liver when I feel like this but it will make my knees hurt worse. I will just wait to hear what he says and it is allergy time so my coughing is very bad at night and my ribs and back hurt after that. Sounds like I'm complaining but really just trying to keep up with things here. I really am blessed!
Two wonderful men from Mama's church (I grew up there) Roy Pinson and Dan Adams have cancer that is very serious, Dan is in Hospice. Also a 15 Year old girl Lauren Kittles passed away this week end of cancer. I know of two teens laying in hospital beds, one, Scotty, in a coma since his Christmas Eve car wreck (on life support) and another, Ryan, paralized from the shoulders down from a swimming accident. My son-in-law's Dad had his bladder removed this year and his tumor is back so I do feel blessed! Yes, I have only 41% lung function but I can go to church and even walk through Wal-Mart and play with Charli and...
Yes I finally made pages with PSE4! I still have to switch to my old program to do text because it is so much better but I scrapped this week end, the first time this month!
I do face the fact I won't live as long as my Grandmother and maybe not even as long as my Mom but that makes me think about the way I live. I plan on giving a lot of home made gifts for Christmas and leaving my 'mark' and if anyone knows me they can say "I know she is in Heaven because she lived it" I just hope I don't go before seeing more of my family that way.