Thursday, June 19, 2008

I am so blessed to have a job I love!
I go to work each day and play with 6 older toddlers, sometimes I only wish me lap was bigger! This is an age where each day they start saying new words and learning how to do something exciting!
Well, my tests weren't so bad! The echocardiogram was done by a tech named Sandra and she didn't poke the thing under my rib like the Dr did years ago; and Warren was great doing the lung tests, he had a relaxing voice and lest me rest and explained everything! I even learned that the way my fingernails are rounded is a sign of Lung Disease and called CLUBBING, that was fascinating to me!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A new picture of Charli

A new picture of Seth!

Jeremy sent me a couple of photos last week, I am so tickled to see how much the kids favor!
I had a physical Monday and had to have an echo-cardiograph yesterday because my EKG was not so good and today I must take the Dreaded Pulmonary Function tests because my lung disease has increased. Les is going with me because I get so out of breath and weak doing them. I feel good so I am not worried either way but I really have missed keeping Charli because of going to the Dr!
Oh, Les's hand is broke, this time it's his right one and it's not as bad as when he broke his left one sticking it in the ceiling fan... I am so used to him breaking things I just shake my head and wonder what's next! He will be in a brace Tuesday for his 50th birthday!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Two years ago on Father's Day I spent the day watching my Dad struggle to breathe his last breaths so I am in a reflective mood... I am happy for Jeremy though as today is his first Real Father's Day, although he has been Dad to the girls it is different to have his own child!
I used Carla Ware's Cat Crazy to do this page.
Les had to work so his usual Movie with Gina has to be later and I am sad that the women he works with all got off and the men had to work... they were all off on Mother's Day, too. Not quite fair I say!