Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I went to Hannah's Graduation cook out tonight, had to go by myself because Gina worked late and Les's gout is really bad. He got stuck by a bee on his foot yesterday and while he is usually allergic I made him take benadryl and use cordaid but he had a rough day!
Sold 2 pairs of earrings to Hollis. Also Lorie sold a pair at her shop yesterday for me!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

This has been a terrific week as far as health goes! I have gotten things done and a friend, Lori Taylor is opening a store in Laurens called Dipstick tomorrow and she is going to put my earrings in it to help me sell so I can get money for Charleston! I want to make as much money with my crafts as I can so I feel I am not taking it from the house hold budget.
Yesterday we took Charli with us to AC Moore and Red Robin. When she plays hide and seek she does the thing where you say Red Robin and she saids MMMM so you know where she is!
I am really starting to work more on her learning her alphabet so I started buying the letters that make a train. We are working with P, S and C so I bought those first. This week we will paint them and each time I go to A.C. Moore I will buy another letter, next ones A, M and T, I think then N and O, maybe D. I am going by letters that start certain words so I do have a plan. ;) That will be a fun way for her to learn them!