Saturday, February 9, 2008

A lot of credits here...
Love Actually Scrapbookgraphics Collab Kit,KimB Laughter Paper, Lazy Kitty Butterfly, Lianne Carper Frames,Beads and pin by Osten Wilkens, jewel and glitter by Kimmi Stewart, and doodle by Jeanne-Jeanne at Scrapladies.

I am so excited that I will start keeping Charli on Valentine's Day! I got to go to the Pediatrician Thursday with Gina, that was fun, she weighs 7lb 2 oz which is very good. I haven't heard from Jeremy yet this week to know about Seth. I will call him if I don't get a call tonight.

Cathie Alesia asked me to do her new kits so I have a whole lot of new layouts to do!