Thursday, April 8, 2010

This is Charli getting her potty treat, rather appropriate don't you think, LOL! My friend Shiela gave me this cow and Charli calls him, Moos. We had a fun time going over to my MIL's and celebrating Leighann's fourth birthday. The kid's were really good. Janette spent the night with Kathie and that was nice. I am in a much better mood tonight and ready to play with some new beads I got from eBay. I also got the letter from Disability with my case worker's name. I also got an important package from Food Lion with what I need to help my MIL. I was glad to get that!
I still have not downloaded the pictures from Easter, I have been busy and stressed from dealing with les' family issues. We are having to take legal action to stop a family member from taking money from my MIL's accounts. I am really aggravated about this but there is no other way to handle it. We have tried to stop it at the bank but it kept on and Monday was the breaking point. I am not going into any more details here because it is a family matter but I just needed to vent and keep a record of when it is taking effect. he police came and talked to me yesterday, Phillip knows the family and that is a blessing!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Went to Dr today, have to go to Charleston to a Pulmonary Specialist. I am not looking forward to this trip in our financial state but know we will be taken care of. Dr. Holman thinks I should be doing better than I am.
Still too much drama going on in Les' family. His Mom had to tell his sister the best thing is for her to stay away right now. My younger niece is also pregnant and moved back home to my SIL's leaving her baby's daddy. That is very sad to me!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Had a very pleasant Easter! Yesterday I took Charli to the Egg Hunt and she found 94 eggs, there were only 20 kids there so she had a lot to be able to pick up. She kept saying PICK IT UP, PICK IT UP!
Today Gina joined me at Sunday School. Les had to work Again so I took a good nap and then went to Communion with Nell and Cliff and then went to Arby's with Elaine and Doug afterward. Will add pictures later.