Saturday, February 14, 2009

Here are some pictures from the concert last night. It was Awesome, it was 1:00 before we got home! They said there were over 13,000 people there, We didn't have to wait in line but 10 or 15 minutes. Toby Mac was the big draw and those teens loved him, we all did, too. There ended up being 19 people in our group.
The news is not good on my FIL, we will know exactly Monday. I Do Not want ANYONE to tell Jeremy before I have a chance to. I am not going to tell my DIL either. I am going to email him to call me ASAP, I am praying nothing will happen until he gets back in the states. I don't like people telling me about my own family when something important goes on and I will give my son the same respect! I just hope he will call me, I haven't heard at all from him since he got in the states and know he only had two weeks and has gone back. I am not Mad he didn't call me on my birthday or to say good-bye. I have grown to expect it...

Friday, February 13, 2009

More pages from Charli's Birthday, I had a lot of great pictures to scrap! This kit is called Flutterfree and is one of her 'older' ones I really love it!
Les had to go to the Dr 3 times yesterday, Sports Medicine sent him to an orthopedist so he is now wearing one of those boots on his right foot. I guess I will do most of the driving awhile because I can't stand when he drives with his left foot! At least he had vacation time already today and tomorrow since we are going to the concert!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Well, Ma Howard will be buried today, I am sad that it is at 11AM and I will be at work and can't go. Gina did a great job on her hair and she really looked nice, especially since she had cancer.
When I got home yesterday after keeping Charli Les said Dad had taken a turn for the worse and I needed to go see him before church. I got there and he was sitting there eating his supper. It seems like they do that to me all the time, tell me he's about gone and when I get there he looks pretty good, I told everyone it's because I came to see him. Uncle Bud and Louise were there along with Janette and my MIL. I sat on the bed beside him and talked to him and he ate his fruit and a little bit from his plate. He is still taking fluids and the antibiotics and they did a CT scan.
Looks like Les has a Broken foot now. He went to see his Dr today and has to be at Sports Medicine at 8:05. I told him he had to STOP finding reasons every month to go to the DR! Douglas from church said he didn't know whether to pray or just shoot him! At the funeral home Bobbi was teasing him too. I told her I wouldn't shoot him because that was messy, it would be something a lot neater. I tease him that's why I watch all the Forensic shows! I tell him all the time he better not end up cripple, that's what Nursing Homes are for! I wish I could afford AFLAC again because the medical bills are ridiculous!
I am keeping a record this year by noting how many times he does go to the Dr. last year it was over 20 times.
I guess today is not a very uplifting post! I did have a pretty good day, though, The kids were good at work, Katie was out, Caleb is still out after his surgery and Kamryn went home with the stomache bug. Charli was Great and the service at church was wonderful. even at the Funeral Home people knew she was ready and it wasn't sad. All in all, I can count several blessings!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I am so happy to be on Connie Prince's CT, now! This is the first kit I have done for her and it is on sale for $1! It is called Desperately Seeking Spring I think it's a wonderful kit for Charli's birthday pictures! I am going to do more.
Well, Monday we had a new member of the church born, Pyper Elizabeth to Sarah Blevins and Tuesday we lost the oldest member Virginia "Ma" Howard. Gina is going to the Funeral Home this morning to cut and fix her hair, Les is going to keep Charli and he's happy about that. It won't take too long. She has done this before for a church member. I admire her for it.
I really am having fun playing with Charli in the afternoons. She now has discovered magnets and Loves them! I'll post a picture later.
Have a Super day! (this is what the kids at work tell their parents)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Papa Douglas at church was the first to give Charli a Valentine last year and this year he has already made sure she got her's. I took it to her yesterday and Gina took her picture when she ate a piece. You can tell she enjoyed it!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Today when I got to work Ms. Juanita brought me a brown paper sack and said, I want you to have this and in the bag was this! It's even full of Wild Country cologne! What makes it more special is that it was her dad's, I truly treasure it.
I was the employee that was spotlighted this month and I told how I loved and collected VW's so she said this was one she wanted me to have.

After work I am going to keep Charli while Gina goes to the Chiropractor, She has headaches and he said her jaw was out of line and after her adjustment the other day she has been much better!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

When we got out of church Les and I stopped by his parents before he had to go to work at 2:00. His Mom and Sister had called the ambulance because he was groggy and just wanted to sleep. She said he had a fever but when I checked he was ok with that. His BP had dropped to 98 Over 0! His sugar was 212 and he hadn't eaten or drank anything. They admitted him in to the Hospital with pneumonia. I told my MIL she shouldn't give him his BP meds without checking with the Dr. I rode in the amdulance with him and they gave him a breathing treatment and by the time we got there he was much better!
My sister-in-law really gets my goat sometimes, when we walked in she shouted 'who called Lester!" she was so upset we were there! She wants all the credit for anything with her parents and tells everyone how much she does. So sad! She has taught her granddaughter to call Les Uncle lettuce head. Then she turns and tries to be nice to me, asking about Charli and such. I guess I feel sorry for her, she lacks the Love and Joy we have in Christ. Also our kids both graduated and are married and have families. She never believed school was important and passed that on, neither of her girls are married either but have kids.
I also had Jeremy before I got married but thank God I found Les and gave my kids the stability and together we raised children who are saved.
I have to pray for my SIL often and remember that I am blessed!