Saturday, August 22, 2009

I am running very late today! I am trying to upload pictures to Walgreen before 12:00 when coupon ends. I had to do the book for the child so his Mom could take pictures to show to the people Wednesday when he goes to be evaluated. Am just finished!
Leigh Ann and I went yard saling today and I got a car seat for $5. I am proud of that. Got some Birds and Blooms magazines, too.
When I said Jeremy was coming home I meant back to his home in Washington. I am hoping he can get assigned to the east coast so I can see Seth! No word yet.

Friday, August 21, 2009



It was 29 years ago that my wonderful son Jeremy was born! I just want to say Happy Birthday, I love you and I miss you!!
He says on Face Book he will be coming home soon but I have no idea when. Julie said they can now put in a request to be closer to home. I wish they would. It would be nice to know my DGS!
Well I ended up buying a new planner yesterday, I keep every year so I can transfer birthdays at least. I have a terrible sense of time so I need a planner. If I don't write it in my planner I will probably not do it, LOL!
Work is better this week, one of my little girls cried most of the morning. She had a bad runny nose so I guess she didn't feel well. I hope her Mommy will take her to the Dr.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Charli is now 19 months old. I have an advantage because I can compare her to other toddlers and can see her progress, she is getting tall. This is not a clear picture because she moved and I had the flash off but she is about 34" tall. This is the shirt I brought her today, She Loves 'Bob Bob" and she and I watch it and she sings along with the theme. Also she sings Old McDonald a little, the Barney theme and Jesus Loves Me. She will keep repeating Jesus over and over and I had her in the car a couple weeks ago and a Praise song was repeating 'Jesus' and she started singing with it. So cute.
I am trying to learn more about Autism just in case the child I am concerned about has it and found this great article. I was sitting beside him at nap rubbing his back and I notices even when I first barely touched him he he shivered. He follows kids around and likes to lay on them and will take one child's soft blankie and lay on the floor with his face on it. He doesn't take his shoes off like the others either. I have started learning about autism. My mission is to help him with what I can. He turned 2 this month and he has said 3 words, Mama, Daddy and Nanna. His hearing is fine and he will be starting speech soon. They are going to evaluate him next week and I am going to write up my observations. I will start working on a scrapbook called Through the Eyes of Mason. I want it to be positive yet show he needs early intervention.
I enjoyed my class again yesterday! It is so much better to have 6 younger kids! My youngest will be 2 in November so they are still all older than Charli. I need to work on my little Swiper! When she takes a toy I keep repeating Swiper Stop Swiping and use time out. This is a Dora character, a little fox who is a thief, LOL!
I am not starting out my day happy, though, I went to get my CF-Pepsi and there were 2 bottles that had been opened and so I didn't have one to take my pills or to take to work, I know I didn't do that but I am sure Les will deny it... might as well have teenagers around! Got to stop at the store.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Prayer Request

Today I ask for your prayers. I have misplaced my Planner and it is driving me nuts! I keep birthdays of family and church family, all my To Dos and important notes and am lost without it!
I most likely took it out of my pocketbook when I was going to see Charli because she likes to see what I brought her and loves to take it out and play with it so I take it out first. I have looked in the van and my bags several times. Pray I will be guided to find it!
I was so exited yesterday to have a couple of 'conversations' with Charli! She is responding to my questions and is so funny! She really slept so I took her picture. I finally picked her up and held her since she slept so long. She cried after Les when he stopped by to see her before work. It made him sad yet he was happy she missed him... I know that feeling!
Cliff is doing well after his hip replacement Monday, will find out more tonight.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Since I am up I thought I would go ahead and post. I just typed my letter to my new parents. This is a picture of the girls swapping shoes. They do this most mornings so I have to remember which are whose to put in the cubby at nap. One of them is moving up along with my biter! I will keep 3 of my kids and 5 are moving up. I have been sanitizing my toys and room and coming home and cleaning. Les had to take off some time from work and steam cleaned my floor with Gina's Shark steam mop. Man, that thing is nice! He told Gina that would make a great Christmas present to her Dad, LOL! It is nice to walk across the floor and have clean feet!
My gathering went well, my house is small for all the people, though! We had a new member, Angel, plus the men came and talked to Les and there were kids so there wre 17 plus Les, Jeff and I here! It didn't take me but a few minutes to clean back up and my house is spotless except for the bedrooms, LOL! Need to get Les to get rid of clothes there.
Well I am going to lay back down and try to nap, want to try to get there a few minutes early and I have to be at Gina's ASAP because she has a 1:30 appointment. Looking forward to the day!

Monday, August 17, 2009

I was upset this morning when my Blog list was clear! I hope it was a glitch of some kind! I like to see who has updated and read from there when I am in a hurry!
Any way I am excited about having the Women On Mission group here tonight! We are grilling hamburgers. I am proud we have fresh tomatoes, too. May not have computer time much, have to dust my VW's and get a few things done.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Today was a nice day! After church Gina and Charli came over and brought KFC grilled chicken over and she and Les went to see "Orphan" while Charli and I played and took a short nap. We then went to see Les's parents a few minutes before church.
At church Bud shared this scripture...

John 6:46 Why do you call me 'Lord, Lord,' and not do the things I say?

I have thought a lot on that verse, I think of all my family and friends who claim they are Christians but don't bother to spend any time in God's Word or with the Family of God. I am praying especially for one who calls me a 'Holy Roller' because I stand up against the way they live and I go to church often. I am standing on Col 1:9 and I am praying for wisdom and spiritual understanding. I guess people think because they get baptized they are safe but how are they doing what Christ Commanded? I know maybe I am sounding like I am back on my soapbox but this bothers me, I see parents putting things ahead of Church and why would their kids want to both? I thank God my kids have church homes AND GO, Jeremy has chapel and enjoys talking to others who are different faiths. I do wish my SIL came more though.
ANY WAY pray for those around you who are not faithful!