Saturday, January 24, 2009

Today's Seth's birthday! I am posting pictures from July because Julie hasn't sent me any new ones. It was, "Alexis broke the camera" then she got a new Nikon digi camera, she told me she was trying to email me pictures but couldn't get my email to accept them she I told her upload them to Walgreens but still no pictures. My grandson is a stranger. He started walking on Christmas Eve and she sent a video from her camera phone but it lasted 30 seconds and was so quick I couldn't tell anything. I did look on Facebook and she had a couple up. I ordered a Build A Bear and had him dressed in an Army outfit, it's supposed to get there Tuesday. I hate that it took so long (8 days) Guess MLK day slowed it down.
I still don't know when Jeremy is getting home, he started a group at Facebook called Homebound Artists and put some of his art there so I know he does get some time online, he hasn't emailed me though... what's a Mom to do?

Friday, January 23, 2009

I always get in a good mood looking at Charli's pictures! She already loves to dance and hear music. Here she is dancing with Brobee.
ANYWAY, I am switching today and going in later, I will enjoy not going out in the cold! Hopefully I can get some done on my book!
I finally joined Facebook! I had been putting it off but my Brother-in-law and Trey's Mom asked me so I joined Sunday afternoon. I have found people I went to school with and lots of scrappers. My son even found me right away and that was great! He posted some of his art and I added some that I have hanging. I have most of his stuff still here.
I will have to post more later but am trying to get motivated for working on my book. Twila and Zaroga I hope you are both feeling well!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I am so amazed at how smart children are! Working with toddlers makes me more aware, I guess, yesterday one of my parents dropped her child off and told each of the kids good bye calling their names. Ryan said "Goodbye, Mommy" and Katie said "That's not Your Mommy!" I told them that was Caleb's mommy, Miss Samantha and said each of the Mommy's names. When I told her her Mommy was Miss Pam she said "No, it's just Mommy"
After taking our nap Charli saw that Yogabbagabba was on and she had on these PJ's. She looked down and saw Foofa and grabbed her shirt, I said Yes, that's Foofa and she smiled. A few minutes later I asked her where was Foofa and she patted her shirt. That really made me happy that at 1 year old she could connect her shirt to the TV program! I showed Trey when he came in that she had picked that up. She also knows that I am Meme and has called me a couple of times and when I ask "who's Meme's girl?" she smiles and pats herself.

OH, I realized I didn't share this week's scripture yet, Col. 3:2 Set your affections on things above, and not on things of this earth.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Charli really loves Pinkie, the monkey Les and I made at Build a Bear for her! We put the giggle sound in and it tickles her, she was in a wonderful mood and really showed out for me! I ordered Seth a Bearemy Bear with an Army suit on, I hope it gets there in time! Yesterday was a long day, I worked, kept Charli and then had a work meeting, today is another one, work, Charli then church, not much time to be online or anything else.
It's 16 degrees outside, better warm up my car!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

This is the extent of the 'snow' we got today, it was gone by lunch
The is the dessert from our work meeting, the head is a mini cupcake. Some of them had hats made of a mini oreo on top of a regular oreo, those were cute, too!
One of my toddlers fell yesterday afternoon and gashed her head. She had to go to express care and have it glued. Miss Amanda is my assistant who was working, she said she had trouble sleeping it upset her so much. Kamryn does love to climb, she was climbing our little slide but had it too close to the heater. She was fine today, just liked to 'show it off'. Miss Emma got Teacher of the Year, she is a wonderful older lady who has the infants, she was a great choice!

January 20, one of the biggest days in the history of the United States and Charli's First Birthday, how cool is that!
I had a blast playing with her last night! Les put some batteries in a couple of the VW toys I had and I let her play with the ones I keep on the bottom shelf. She also ate some grits and toast, she liked the grits, I put cheese in them and ate a whole piece of toast and started on another! She's starting on whole milk now, too and drinking from a sippy cup. What was funny is I was holding her as she was eating her toast and she started trying to feed me and make some silly faces! I made faces back and she would laugh that sweet laugh she has.
That's why I am keeping up with this Blog. I hope one day she will read it and know how precious little moments like this are!
It's amazing to me how she is getting around since she just started really walking Wednesday, she was chasing Tye, our grand-dog, around the house! She was turning around on one foot and really doing well.
I really am behind on my book! I need to focus and get it done, Les will be out of work until tomorrow, that really keeps us behind, if it does snow I will be out of work, too, while I could work on the book I need the money for rent so I hope it doesn't!

Monday, January 19, 2009


I am adding this since I just got home from work. Les ended up at the Express Care and had to have several shots and take the gout meds that make him sick. He was so pitiful last night he had to crawl because his feet hurt so bad. He has his crutches today. I am keeping up with his Drs. visits this year, last year it was over 20. I tease him if we did ever come across some money the hospital would get it all!

I just talked to Gina, she might go to the movies when Trey gets off. I would love to keep my sweetie awhile!

A couple of pictures from the party. I don't have time to post much right now so I'll add a few later, She really enjoyed being the center of attention! She is walking al over the place and dancing. I am glad the weather cleared up because the morning started out dreary!
Les is having a horrid case of the gout, I hope he can get over it quickly! He was throwing up from the pain!
Have to write more later.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Doodle Bug's first Birthday party is today! I got up early and made this card with Pink Beauty by Petit Moineaux, I Love her work! It took me awhile to get this one like I wanted it! my MIL called me yesterday to ask Gina's address to send Charli a card, Gina must have forgot to tell her about Charli's party Or she forgot. I got the answer I always get, "If Papa and I FEEL like it we Might come" My Mom is recovering from surgery and she will be there! I was thinking about how Jeremy forgot to ask my Dad to his wedding (they threw it together quickly) and thought how many things he didn't show up to, his Eagle Scout, birthdays, church events and thought 'no wonder he Forgot' In the end he realized how he had made Jeremy a stranger in his life and it was too late. I am glad he and Gina had a relationship!
But I will be happy to watch her eat her cake and walk across the floor to hug me! I Praise God I can share this day! I have tears as I think about missing Seth's Saturday. I have to stop that, I had to wear make-up so I can have My picture done for the church book today! I waited while my face healed from having a spot removed by Dr. Henderson 12/31.
Well off to church I am going to set up the room and let the kids solve a 'crime'. A scavenger hunt, I will let you know how it works out!