Saturday, January 24, 2009

Today's Seth's birthday! I am posting pictures from July because Julie hasn't sent me any new ones. It was, "Alexis broke the camera" then she got a new Nikon digi camera, she told me she was trying to email me pictures but couldn't get my email to accept them she I told her upload them to Walgreens but still no pictures. My grandson is a stranger. He started walking on Christmas Eve and she sent a video from her camera phone but it lasted 30 seconds and was so quick I couldn't tell anything. I did look on Facebook and she had a couple up. I ordered a Build A Bear and had him dressed in an Army outfit, it's supposed to get there Tuesday. I hate that it took so long (8 days) Guess MLK day slowed it down.
I still don't know when Jeremy is getting home, he started a group at Facebook called Homebound Artists and put some of his art there so I know he does get some time online, he hasn't emailed me though... what's a Mom to do?

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