Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ladies Night Out

Today has been a busy day for me! This morning I had a 6 Hour training course, I have to do 15 hrs each year, this was on temperance and an hour was on making books.
Tonight was Ladies Night out, the men cooked, we had grilled chicken, ribs and pork, scalloped potatoes, baked beans, broccoli and coleslaw, we also had several desserts. I said this is when I really missed Les because he usually cuts my meat for me (I have had surgery and locked joins) but his friend Kevin did it for me. Les was not happy he had to work but it seems when he asks off he has to close...
Any way here are pictures of some of the men. This is the 3rd annual LNO, usually the women do all the meals and are very much the strength behind our mission projects and so this is our time. It is a lot of fun, too!
I have not got much else done today! Need to go study lesson for Sunday School and I really need to start getting things in order for my challenges at 3S that start Wednesday but that can wait for tomorrow.
My sweet friend Sheila is still very sick and Kevin from church (he is a special needs young man) is in ICU with lung clots. He has been in the hospital over and over with "pneumonia" and "bronchitis" but it was probably clots all along, it took the right Doctor to care enough to find out instead of giving him meds and sending him home! Please pray for his Mom, Marcia, she is worn out!

Friday, March 27, 2009

My Sister sent me this link to a great bird photography video, thanks Twila! There is a great show on PBS that I have seen a couple of times but it comes on Sunday nights while I am at church, I was on the email list for awhile.

These are some shots I have taken, mostly at work, some through the window and some with the door open.
This is one I got today I am much better at insects and flowers, things close that I can see to focus better. Maybe at least I can learn some of the birds by name.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

How could I not be in love with this face! Tuesday I put Gina's headband on her and she grabbed her lamb and started showing out, I don't know who has who spoiled, I have been taking her picture every month near the 20th with this lamb and when she wants me to take her picture she goes to the basket, pulls it out and goes through her poses.
Tuesday and Wednesday she didn't take her morning nap so after I feed her and we play a few minutes I say "are you ready to nap?" She climbs on the sofa with me, gets comfortable and she is asleep in less than 5 minutes. I kind of hate that she takes a good hour and half nap but I do love holding her and watching her sleep! Trey has been getting home early so we haven't had as much play time.
It makes me feel good that she would rather stay in my lap than even play with her Daddy, who she adores, she starts whining when I leave some days.
One of the women at work was talking with me, when you are a parent there are so many things on you that you can't enjoy and see how wonderful your child is like you can as a grandparent. I look at Charli at 14 months and she can point out her head, hair, eyes, nose and other body parts, she can follow 2 step directions, "pick it up and give it to MeMe" and is saying two words together, "Daddy Gone" "Hi, Tye" (my dog) I am sure my kids could do these things but I was too young to know how truly special it was!
I am sure it helps that I am trained to work with kids now and know how to play so they learn more and am very laid back and enjoy her.
Jeremy sent me another link to a video he made of Seth if you want to see it, Les said it didn't look like the baby we saw 8 months ago. There is a shot of the Army Build a Bear we sent him for his birthday. I am going to try to save the pictures off the video if I can.
My brother painted our bathroom and he and I plan to put a border up after work, It is a pretty blue and looks nice.
Well have a Super Day!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Quick post today as it's time to leave for work but this page is Les with Charli. She called him Pop the other day. I used Hippity Hoppity that I put the link to yesterday with Connie's new Pretty Pastel Paper pack try saying that 3 times fast, LOL!
Trey is getting some chain to lower her swing but right now it is perfect for her POP POP to play with her!

Today is my brother's birthday, Les fixed his favorite foods last night since we have church tonight. He is 41.

Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I scrapped the pictures of Charli feeding the ducks Sunday. I used my new kit from Connie Prince called Hippity Hoppity Spring and it's on sale for $1! I had fun making these pages!
Today I have made 89 posts this year! That is more than I did all of last year! I am proud I have stuck to my resolution to post everyday! Of course I don't always have a lot to say, LOL!
Katie ate breakfast with us yesterday, it was her first day in her new class but she was so upset she came to my room first, I hated to see her crying! Kinley did great and Hunter was was a pretty good boy, I think he will do better with the older girls gone.
I finally got some flowers for the cemetery and plan to put them up after I get home from Charli's.

Monday, March 23, 2009

I haven't uploaded the pictures from keeping Charli yesterday but we did walk up to the mill pond to feed the ducks so I am posting a picture I had taken before of some turtles eating the bread. At first the goose made her nervous but I ran him off and she was sticking the bread through the fence for the ducks and giggling. We had a good time, she found a couple of dandelions and thought they were great! I showed her how to blow them but she got a small piece in her mouth and so decided she would rub it against the fence (from feeding the ducks) and they would fall apart.
She really wanted to hug Tye, I would hold his head so she could love him. I was playing and spun her around and he barked thinking I was hurting her, I guess.
She loves grilled cheesesandwiches and Easy Mac, she is eating pretty good.
I am impressed how well she follows direction! I even told her it was time to go take a nap and she went straight to my room and waited for me to put her on my bed! I think my brother was even impressed.
Well that's enough for now! Hope you all have a blessed day!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cliff's card

This card is for one of the deacons at church. Each year I give him a card on his birthday which was Wednesday, I am just late this year... Everything is by Natali at Scrapbook Graphics, she is one of my favorite designers! I took the photo last year at Park Seed.
If I designed I would want to create elements like hers!
Les has to work today and I am not happy that is two Sundays in a row, Plus I have Charli today. He also has to close Saturday night and that is bad because it's Women's Night out at church. The men are cooking a wonderful dinner and we dress up and they serve us! This is our 3rd year and what fun it is! Without Les it will not be as fun, though.

If you love Word Art stop by Debbie's Blog and get some today!