Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ladies Night Out

Today has been a busy day for me! This morning I had a 6 Hour training course, I have to do 15 hrs each year, this was on temperance and an hour was on making books.
Tonight was Ladies Night out, the men cooked, we had grilled chicken, ribs and pork, scalloped potatoes, baked beans, broccoli and coleslaw, we also had several desserts. I said this is when I really missed Les because he usually cuts my meat for me (I have had surgery and locked joins) but his friend Kevin did it for me. Les was not happy he had to work but it seems when he asks off he has to close...
Any way here are pictures of some of the men. This is the 3rd annual LNO, usually the women do all the meals and are very much the strength behind our mission projects and so this is our time. It is a lot of fun, too!
I have not got much else done today! Need to go study lesson for Sunday School and I really need to start getting things in order for my challenges at 3S that start Wednesday but that can wait for tomorrow.
My sweet friend Sheila is still very sick and Kevin from church (he is a special needs young man) is in ICU with lung clots. He has been in the hospital over and over with "pneumonia" and "bronchitis" but it was probably clots all along, it took the right Doctor to care enough to find out instead of giving him meds and sending him home! Please pray for his Mom, Marcia, she is worn out!

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