Sunday, March 29, 2009

A card for Kevin

I got up this morning and made a card to take to Kevin from our Sunday School Class, I know it will brighten his day. I also thought it would be a great example to the girls how beautiful scripture is and I have a mini lesson on this one, I had picked up a duck feather when Charli and I went last week, that will work out just right.
Rina creates the most wonderful word art, this is from last week's challenge at Scrapbook Elements, each week we get a new one, it is a PNG file so Zaroga if you ever want to try making a card you can go get it and it will layer on a photo or background and I can help you... or I can make some for you if you send me some photos. I print mine at Walgreens and sometimes I put them on a blank card and sometimes I don't I also can do bookmarks for you and get 2 on a page, I would love to do it for you anytime.
The kit I used is new and called Moroccan Nights by Rina but the feather came from Oh Night Divine and the red flowers, frame and angel charm came from Classic Elegance from Kimmi Stewart. I like the way it looks, Les said he liked it, too.
Well I hope everyone is feeling well! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and hopefully it will be a gorgeous day! I know I sure feel great and can't wait to see Charli at church!

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Zaroga said...

The card looks great! You did a wonderful job.

I familiar with using png files. I haven't done a card in a while since everything is so hectic around here.

We have a wonderful photo printer that does a great job on photo cards, but sometimes I print things at Rite Aid.

I had a good day today :-)