Sunday, October 21, 2007

This is my Nanny, she was a Breast cancer survivor having 2 masectomies! She ended up dying with cancer in her lower spine that was found when she had a hip replacement.
She was a strong country woman and I saw her read her Bible and pray. She was a Big influence on my life, giving me scraps of cloth to sew and because of her I made a couple of quilts, she even helped me quilt my first one! She also made aprons to sell to ladies at the mill where she was a weaver. I almost cry when I think about her although she passed away in 1989!
Because of my love for her I created a cookbook to raise money for Hospice, I also did a good bit of work for Children's Miracle network when I worked at Wal-Mart. I haven't been doing as much lately, Church Missions of course and the Faith Home (for substance abuse) I guess it is habit to do these now.

Les gets his stitches out tomorrow and Noel got hers out of her hand but had to have another cast.

Credits include Osten Wilkins tags, heart and journaling box. Digitalgirl Flower and everything else from Ina at Scrapladies.