Saturday, December 25, 2010

Well Christmas is over, Today was a nice quiet day at my MIL's, It was just my family and my niece, Noel and her new husband, Dylan. Noel lived with us when she was in elementary school and I love her so! My SIL went to Kentucky :0)!!! Since both the boys are in Army and my other niece is in some trouble it was a nice peaceful NO DRAMA time!
It was nice with my family, we rented the lodge which was smart, I had some stress because my portable air tank blew a seal and Crystal had to come get me a tank to borrow and it didn't have a holder and didn't last as long so I am having to use the heavy tank and I forgot the stocking and my camera and didn't get to visit with my Grandmother, that all started to get to me but I remembered it's all about a Baby and sharing time with family while I can.
Les will be out of work awhile, he has a cane to use and has a lot of pain and trouble getting around. I have to get disability paper filled out, I don't know if he is going to take me to my last chemo or if I will just go myself. Gina is working.
Jeremy is on the phone now, he just posted a video for me to watch so I will go do that.
Merry Christmas all!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I have to say this is the most "UNChristmasy" holiday ever! Had to call ambulance for Les Monday night and the ER was a terror! He is still in hospital with a pinched nerve in his spine, Might get to come home tomorrow. The stress hit me this morning, I have so much I need to do... have not wrapped gifts, House was a mess and still have calendars to do!
Charli was a good girl in the Christmas play though and I only have a couple calendars left, got most of my cleaning done, Les usually does most of it because I do not have the breath to do it but he had spent most of his day off helping his Mom do her Christmas shopping so I had to. I hate that he didn't get to see the play even though it was boring.