Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Word Art Freebie for you!

Today I am sharing a little word art of my verse for the week
I hope you like it and you will also join me in learning a verse a week!
There are so many people out there with broken hearts and troubles, I don't know how they get along with out Faith!
We have a family in the town I just moved from that needs prayers. The father and his 4 year old were riding a go cart Christmas when another child, a 16 year old ran into them on her 4 wheeler. They were all taken to a NC burn unit because the one in Augusta is understaffed and couldn't handle it. The 4 year old is Very Severe and in a drug induced coma, here is the link to our paper it is an online news paper and keeps updating the story.
They are having several fund raisers so pray with me that this child and his family will be blessed and get the help they need. I feel for the young girl Trish. I am sure she has so much guilt!
My best friend Leighanne is having problems, too, her blood palettes keep dropping. She had to take some chemo treatment this week and is feeling so tired! I ask you will agree in prayer the Drs will find the cause and help her. She had a stomach virus and they believe this triggered it. They may have to remove her spleen.
Zaroga, I am also praying for you! I hope you and your family can get straight and have a blessed year!
I am blessed that although my cough is aggravating (I once broke a rib coughing) and it is hard to breathe when it gets cold I don't have any real pains. My hands look like it from the arthritis but as long as I can crochet and make pages I will do fine. I really want a laptop but am concerned if I can use one easily on not.
Well that's enough for today, I hope I have several comments to moderate later, I need to go offline and work on a calendar and the churchbook. I will start taking family pictures at church tomorrow for a directory.
God Bless us EVERYONE!

Friday, January 9, 2009

I thought since I was up already I would go ahead and post! I thought I would put a picture from our beach trip today, I was taking pictures of the birds and this one was hurt and he followed my up the beach and got pretty close. We were there in October.
Charli is getting over her stomach thing, Gina said maybe it was more than just teething because Trey was sick and even came home from work yesterday, he Had to be sick because that young man works, he even has a second job a couple of days a week, not because they need the money but, I think, to spend the time with his dad.
Big news in our neighborhood, a couple got arrested and charged with child and animal neglect, they called the law because a gun was stolen and the police saw they were living in filth too nasty to even think about! The girl is 26 and used to work with Les, she is married to a 41 yer old man and they have a 3 year old. Her mother was also bedridden in the house and had not been cleaned up and had dead roaches stuck to her. The women and child were taken by social services. The girl's brother lived there, too, and was charged with the mother's neglect. BTW they drive a Hummer! You never know what goes on with people do you?
Oh, Les's Dad is at the hospital doing a sleep study, Les took him and George wanted to be there about 7:45 or so, the appointment was at 9:00! I hope they can help him.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I got a short note from Jeremy this morning, he JUST got his Christmas packages! I mailed one the 4th of December and one a few days later! That makes me sad he had Christmas with nothing from us! The picture frame I sent him broke, I hope it didn't mess anything up.. I wrapped it in bubble wrap and the sleep pants I sent him.
Mama's cancer wasn't invasive so they didn't have to take her lymph nodes so she will have a faster recover time. I am glad of that!
Well I posted every morning for a week! Not that I have that much to say but I am proud of myself!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My prayers are with my Mom today as she has her surgery! I am going to take my brother to the hospital to meet her at 7:00 then go to work. I am blessed my boss is letting me leave my cell on to receive a text from Sissy when she is out. I am sure she will be OK I will go after I watch Charli this afternoon. She is having a hard time with her top teeth, they are showing just not quite through the skin yet and she is not eating much and very clingy. Her tummy is messed up, too. She didn't even eat a whole yogurt for me yesterday and she usually eats them even if she's not hungry!
Well it's time to go, I picked my new bible verse, Romans 10:17 Faith cometh by hearing, hearing by the word of God.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I am actually enjoying posting in the mornings! I need to get up a few minutes earlier but I move a little slow, LOL! It seems to take so long fixing my meds, I tried putting them in a pill holder but several of them split from the humidity of Les's frequent showers! I need to take them in the bathroom as this is such a habit I know if I move them I won't always remember, after all it will soon be 20 years I have been taking Prednisone!
Well about the picture, it is my nephew Cody playing around in the castle we visited at the beach, I was going to use it for a challenge at SOTB but haven't posted yet. They were slow getting all the challenges up this month and I have been to busy to recheck. I love Dr. Seuss and I wanted to do this as WA. I like the way it turned out. I made the gray BG.
They moved Mama's surgery up to tomorrow, I am sad in a way because I keep Charli on Wednesdays, I am going to keep her though and go to the hospital as soon as Trey gets home unless something happens that I am needed. Then Gina will take her to Trey's Mama, I am very anxious to spend time with her right now because she will take a couple of steps and I am afraid of missing her take off walking. She had a runny nose and was whiney from her top teeth last night so I went over and kept her while the kids got groceries. She was so sweet and clingy! Of all the people in the world sometimes it seems she loves me best, I know I love her best!
Well I have to go! I hope I don't have too many mistakes this morning because I don't have time to check!

Monday, January 5, 2009

I thought I could take a breather with making all those books when I realized I had to do the Church Book! Homecoming is Feb. 1 and I do the book every year! We are getting together a Members Book too and next Sunday I will start taking family pictures of the members I hope I can get most of them so no one will be left out!
Bud said something last Wednesday that has been on my mind and I did my Children's Church on it yesterday. Someone told him they were an Average Christian and he said how that bothered him. He's so right! I read Hermie the Common Caterpillar by Max Lucado and told them how they shouldn't settle for "C"s in school and for being average as a Christian!
This year I will be above average as a follower and hope others will do the same. It's easy for me to go to church every Sunday and on Wednesday nights but I will spend more time this year learning the Bible and hope that too will be a part of who I am... an Above Average Christian.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Today I dedicate this post to my Nanny, Evelyn Snowbird Maynard Cheek. She was born Jan. 4, 1917 and died when Gina was a young child. I really miss her, probably more than anyone I ever lost. She was a real Country Girl even though her parents moved here from England in 1902. Things I remember are her cornbread, her Chocolate cake with fudgey icing. How she let me use her scraps to make crafts, the quilts she made and her quilt rack hanging from the ceiling.
Her Laugh and how funny she was! Snuff (yuck!) And how she would take me to the Trash Dump where the mill tossed the things they threw away, she was a recycler! She had sheds with cloth she horded to make quilts. She had a cluttered house but I was comfortable there and spent so many nights with her and Papa.
But one of the biggest things I remember is this that country woman read her Bible, watched Oral Roberts and gave me my first Corrie Ten Boom book.
She also gave me one of my special treasures, a rhinestone set that my Daddy gave her when he was 15. I treasure it and hope that my precious Charli will one day. I got it when I was 15 and hope that I will be around to give it to her on her 15th birthday.
I am getting ready for church and need to help Les because we invited friends over for lunch.