Saturday, February 11, 2012

Thinking Ahead.

It's not the easiest thing to talk or think about but I want to make it as easy as possible when Gina and Les have to make my plans, I know if I post things here my sister Twila who reads my blog will help them find things as I will put a label to help them find. I love this urn! I love colors like green and aqua but Gina likes warm colors so this is a wonderful way to mix our tastes and she can display since she is my Keeper of the Urn ;) Les, Mama and any one that wants a part of me can have a piece of jewelry made, too!
I forgot to say yesterday I got $100 from Janette and $50 from Danny, Cathy, Robert and Wanda, I am so touched by how everyone has helped me so I do not have the stress of worrying about money this time!
Twila brought me a great bag for my oxygen today! It is perfect, she worked so hard to get me just the right thing and I sure appreciate it! Will take pictures later, I need to finish packing I just have not felt like finishing up, yet.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Got a check in the mail from Lynn and James Rodgers who we went to school with for $75! We have been so blessed that our trip is paid for and I do not have to get Gina to pay for any of the hotel this time which makes me feel good! Getting ready to go after church Sunday.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

I am going to turn in early tonight! A friend of Kathie's sent us $100 to help with Duke! We have been communicating on Facebook and she wanted to do something special! Other than that today was uneventful except enjoying the babies!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday Feb. 8

Did really well today, Sold $42 worth of jewelry and a special relative gave me $20 and sent snacks to travel, Goldfish will be very popular in our car, LOL! I did look up apartments and how many Autozones and we could afford to live there awhile if we had to.
I now have made almost $250 selling jewelry and gifts from friends, family and my Birthday Money! It make me feel great I don't have to take $$$ to pay power bill or anything to travel on!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I found a sight that talks a little about my glassware I have that Aunt Sylvia gave me, I wanted Gina to have it but she really doesn't want it and Jeremy and Juli have no need for it and my nieces would sell it so I don't know what I want to do, I am going to start pareing down though and getting rid of things, the more I think about it the more it makes sense. It's silly for me to hold on to material stuff that just makes clutter, I have packed up most of my VW's I may start selling some of them off, I don't know... I ate lunch with Marie and was so out of breath when I got home, I really had to lay down. It is just too hard to do anything any more

Too Much on my mind

I actually went to bed just after 11 last night but after reading some of the paperwork and the contract for Duke my mind is racing and I can't sleep. It said that if you live over 2 hours from Durham you need to relocate there before the surgery. This is really something I am going to have to talk to them about, If I can't spend time with Charli, Ames and Gina I know I will not care to get up in the mornings. I look at all this stuff I have, too, I am giving away clothes whenever I can and have packed up most of my VW's and stuff and am trying to get rid of stuff just in case I have to put things in storage or something and even asked for no birthday gifts (even Gina was good) but people that care about me keep giving me things that are nice but just make my problem worse. I am donating my books to church and think about doing an online yard sale with Facebook, I got 3 MORE orders tonight from a girl I went to school with, that makes 6 orders total Monday! I am going to throw away or donate toys and some of the other junk in my room and am thinking about selling some of my VW's.
I made my reservations for Duke and have to call to sett up my air. I talked to the man that owns the company called MedStay where they help people to relocate with transplants and he said he had apartments to lease but a motel for long stay is a good option, they serve breakfast and dinner 4 nights plus will shuttle you to Duke BUT it costs about $2000 a month. There is no way I can keep paying rent and utilities and pay that! As much as I hate to think about it I might have to put everything in storage and try to find another house when we get back. Well after I get back from Duke I guess we will have decisions to make.. I may not even be approved and it won't matter. That still means getting rid of stuff that clutters my life to make it easier on Les. I don't want to go through him having to decide what to keep when I have way too much and feel stressed about it. Little things add up so fast, when I was a teacher they all gave me coffee cups and I have 2 sets of them to match my dishes plus Twila gave me some cute Disney ones today so I have over 25 coffee cups! It's bad enough that when something gets broken I just think well that's something I don't have to deal with!
I did send Jeremy some of my art supplies. I may get a set rate box and send more, or I might give some to Christian at church I bet he would enjoy pastels. I guess I am feeling overwhelmed at the thought of leaving Greenwood. I do have a girl I went to school with that lives near Durham and she said I could stay there so maybe she could help find a room to rent to help us out.
I took a Benadryl to help me rest, supposed to go to lunch with Marie so I need to get up at a decent time so I need to go to bed soon.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Got $30 in the mail from England today plus made $20 more and got 3 orders! By Friday I will have over $200 I have made myself with jewelry to go to Duke! Twila came over and we brainstormed about making a backpack to carry my air in, I did forget that I go to lunch with Marie tomorrow but I carried it around before I got the bag ;)
Got $30 in the mail from England today plus made $20 more and got 3 orders! By Friday I will have over $200 I have made myself with jewelry to go to Duke! Twila came over and we brainstormed about making a backpack to carry my air in, I did forget that I go to lunch with Marie tomorrow but I carried it around before I got the bag ;)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

I made $36 more towards Duke, I need to set up my room and oxygen soon! I have several Family trees made and should have a good bit of jewelry money to pay for hotel! I love that I can make money and don't have to have hand outs, It makes me mad when people treat me like I am so broke and pitiful! Actually we are better off than we ever have been but I have to be careful and not spend extra and go crazy. Of course we owe lots of doctors and medicines take a chunk out of the budget but if I want something special like getting this computer I can do it!
Had a fabulous turn out at Church to dedicate the Multi Purpose room!