Saturday, February 7, 2009

Charli and I had a fun morning, she is adding a word or 2 at a time, now she says 'book' and I think she told me 'look'. She understands when you ask her to do things like "give me that" and helps dress her by putting her arm in her shirt or jacket. I don't think Gina is keeping up her Baby Book so I am keeping track like any proud Grandma, LOL!
I got accepted to Connie prince's CT, I have wanted to be on her's. I did pages for her before when I was at Scrapbooker's Playground. I have a LOT of her older kits.
I still have not gotten in the swing again of posting pages again! I am so worn out with all those church pages.!
Thank you Zaroga for the Lemonade award!

Friday, February 6, 2009

I just got home from Fatz and having my Birthday dinner with my family, It was very good and I really enjoyed it! I think those rolls are one of my favorite things on the menu! My BIL had his hand bandaged up because he had to have a couple of splinters cut out that were infected, I hope he heals quickly and doesn't have a lot of pain!
At work we had a fun time doing Miss Tammy's Birthday, I enjoyed hearing them sing to me and watching them eat the cupcakes, I will post pictures later.
I am going over to Gina's in the morning and keep Charli so it will probably be a little later when I do my post, I am working on some Word Art I want to post.
Twila, thanks again for the dinner and my gifts!
Went to bed very early last night, in a bad mood because I was supposed to have a training and they told us a place and we waited in the cold for 30 minutes and they told us another place and long story short I came home and heated my electric blanket up and read. I am so ready to have a night with nothing to do! I told Gina I would go over to her house Saturday morning and keep Charli so she wouldn't have to get her out in the cold, she had to be at work at 8 and Trey is going to some hunting thing. Maybe Saturday after I come home I can 'hide' and do nothing . Les will be working so...
Oh, this is another page done with the kit Thumbody Loves you by Cathy K. The link is in yesterday's post

Thursday, February 5, 2009

What a Long day I had! After work I kept Charli then we had our last night of Revival Then ate with Kevin and Shannon, it was 10:00 when I got home!
Poor Charli had fallen when I got to Gina's and had a bump on the head. Thank goodness it was just a triangle shaped light bruise. What was so bad is Annabelle had bumped her head at work and gotten a bruise, too!
This picture of Charli is from a photo shoot and the kit is the same one I used for my header, Thumbody Loves You by Cathy K at Scrapbook Elements I Really love using this kit! I will add a couple of more pages later. I hope you have a great day!
OH, my new Bble Verse is Prov. 4:23 "Guard your heart above all else,
for it determines the course of your life." How true this is! I think it's a wonderful verse for February!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Yesterday when I got over to see Charli she wanted me to see her new Munno toy! She went to the basket that had it and her guitar and then Gina said, "Go look at her new toy." I asked her was it Munno and she said "yes," I told her Charli had already shown me, LOL! I took this picture of her playing with him while she was watching Yo Gabba Gabba. I just get a kick out of watching her! I'm lucky to work with toddlers and know what to expect as she gets older, the kids at work kept singing Happy Birthday over and over, that was Fun, Friday I will take them some cupcakes and balloons for the weekly party and we will have my 'party' I am looking forward to that!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A second post to share my birthday with you, I got my Director to take this picture of my kids and me went she gave me the gift from work, the tall Angel with the 7 birds, I happen to have 7 kids right now so that worked out great! The cute little shelf sitter is from my Mom and the one on the left has a friendship quote is from my best friend, Leigh Anne. My Mom also gave me a silver angel frame that I will be putting Charli's picture in. Gina gave me an electric blanket, I always complain because Les has so much cover I feel weighted down, Now I can heat up the bed and turn it down while he can keep it high and not be cold! She got me a King size for my queen bed so we will both have plenty of cover, too! What a sweetie she is! Thanks for my clips and bath gel, Twila, I look forward to dinner Friday!
I am finishing up my Hibachi Shrimp I got after church, this is one of my Favorite foods right now so I am going to end this. I surely have had a great day and my inbox is overflowing with emails from scrap friends! I am blessed!
Oh, I got a new watch from Les, he really was good to me this year!
Oh, and don't you think it's cool I have my Birth announcement?

I was so excited to get a couple of cards in the mail yesterday, one made by 'Nette, a family friend and Gina's godmother and a Super special one from Chris Weber! I also got this adorable car Sunday from my good friend Sheila, it even makes a barking sound, I love it! I still have a couple of cards to open in my inbox which I am about to do. Thank you ALL for making my day special!
I do have a long day, though, after work I will go keep Charli and then go to Revival tonight so I won't been home until about 8:30, that's a Long day for a 49 year old, LOL!
Oh, I did my taxes yesterday! I always put that off but decided to go ahead and do them, at least I will get a couple hundred back!

Monday, February 2, 2009

I want to share these two songs with you!
This is Brandon Heath and my church is getting up a group to hear him on the 13th. Last year we saw Mercy Me and Mandissa, I am so excited to him Brandon though!

Homecoming went well, the book was a hit Even with the mistakes I made! I was really feeling BAD because I left Trey's name out, my Own sweet son-in-law! I guess as fast as I put it together I am blessed to have as few mistakes as I made! Donna at the print shop said they had done a lot of books but that was the best put together and easiest she had ever done. I know that cut cost a LOT by me doing the set up and it was ready in 48 hours! I might have to post a picture later.
Well I wasn't going to share a picture today But that won't be ME now would it?
The little gold Angel was given to me by my Grandmama because I sit this way and it made her think of me, the day I can't sit down in the floor with Charli and the kids at school I am retiring! Anyway that started me getting Angels from her, my Mom and even my kids, I don't think I had ever bought myself one. The picture hanging is done by Jeremy and is an Angel that looks remarkably like him, LOL! I thank you all for your prayers as he serves our country. I haven't talked to him but once since he is on leave. Like me, my son hates to talk on the phone! Pray he will have a safe trip back and the time over there will pass quickly. He has about 5 months left.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

I put away most of my winter clothes today... I really am a little sad to do this. Anyone that knows me knows how much I love to dress for the season! I have to admit I left 3 or 4 of my snowmen shirts and socks out, my 'baby' sister gave me several cute socks for Christmas and the kids love to see what kind I am wearing. I need to get a couple of Valentine shirts, I guess.
I am trying a new banana pudding with Pecan Sandies instead of Vanilla Wafers, I forgot the cool whip though... I have to stop by Walgreen and pick up the pictures to put in my album. Yes, I finished before the coupon ran out! I also got a little cleaning done but not as much as I wanted. The new candle warmer I bought at Hobby Lobby melted the first time I used it!