Sunday, February 1, 2009

I put away most of my winter clothes today... I really am a little sad to do this. Anyone that knows me knows how much I love to dress for the season! I have to admit I left 3 or 4 of my snowmen shirts and socks out, my 'baby' sister gave me several cute socks for Christmas and the kids love to see what kind I am wearing. I need to get a couple of Valentine shirts, I guess.
I am trying a new banana pudding with Pecan Sandies instead of Vanilla Wafers, I forgot the cool whip though... I have to stop by Walgreen and pick up the pictures to put in my album. Yes, I finished before the coupon ran out! I also got a little cleaning done but not as much as I wanted. The new candle warmer I bought at Hobby Lobby melted the first time I used it!

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Zaroga said...

You have been busy!

My winter clothes are so few that they just stay where they are all year :-)