Saturday, January 31, 2009

I love this sign! It used to hang right near my front door, I guess it's packed up somewhere now, When we moved I never have unpacked the things I once had on the walls. Our house is not as cluttered now either. I actually have just gotten up and moving around today and Les was sweeping, I think I am going to neaten my office today before I start working on things, too. It's 45 degrees outside and the sun is shining, I have several things to accomplish...
Make a banana pudding for Homecoming
Get the photos printed I want to add to the photo album
Start on a new book for Lynn
Get my challenges ready for Osten's site
I might even do my taxes, I don't know I might wait until tomorrow for that one
Well off I go to take my bath and get started, I hope you have an Awesome day and I hope to see you Twila at church for Homecoming!

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twoboyz00 said...

LOL, I need that sign for my house!! Love your new blog look!