Thursday, January 27, 2011

This is a picture of Charli blessing her tea party, LOL!
Today has been nice, Charli and I spent time watching videos and laughing at the Pixar bloopers and fun songs Like The Bird's the Word and Ames was his usual smiling self BUT Gina had to go home sick which is so rare! She had the stomach bug, I guess.
Les went to eat with his Mom who made beef stew but I didn't want to get out in the cold and stayed home.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I have always been close to my Grandmother, I spent a lot of time with her growing up. She is a godly woman just like her mother, Hassie. I took the babies to visit with her Monday and as I was walking out the door she touched my arm (Les had taken the kids out to put in the van) and told me she was concerned about family members who were not in church and she started tearing up. I almost started to cry myself. I know how she feels and me heart ached to listen to her. What started it is she asked a granddaughter about going to chuch and she gave her a funny look and said "Going to CHURCH?" I do not want to die not seeing my kids faithful and since she is in her 90's she probably feels that way, too.
I pray she will get her wish!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I saw my first orioles today! It was sleeting when I told Les to put out my feeder Twila gave me, I got a few pictures of the pretty yellow birds, I hope I will get more!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Today is Seth's 3rd Birthday and my 700th post! I sent him a tool set and book so I hope he got them! Charli went to the doctor for her check up, she is in the 95% for height and weighs 28lbs. She doesn't like the doctor's office and freaks out when she has to get undressed, she did the same last year. Gina said it was worse this year. I was with her last year and it was bad, LOL!
Gina took us to O'Charlie's and I took the kids to see Grandmama while she went to jury duty. We then are dinner with Mema, it was a nice day.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I LOVE this song!!!

Angel and Bruce sang this tonight, I love it, too

I am actually ahead of the game for once, LOL! I created 6 posters for Homecoming through Walgreen and got most of the pictures printed and ready to go in the album while they were half price. Those posters are wonderful! I am thinking how they will be a great idea for gifts to send Jeremy's son Seth to help him know the family that he doesn't get to see. We did the 20 x 30 size at church and 6 cost $68.00 which wasn't bad. We are laminating them and each year I will make a new one. Our building will be finished by next homecoming so I have the pictures uploaded and ready, I will tell Sheila so if something happens to me she can get them printed. I do plan on being around, though, LOL!
Gina had a class and Charli went to Sunday School with us, she must have gotten up earl because she fell asleep in my arms, ;0) Papa Doug and Nana 'Laine gave her a singing card that sings "I Want Candy" Each Sunday he has a pack of Tic Tacs for her in his shirt pocket and they are another set of Grandparents.
I decided I want a chair for my Christmas/Birthday and Office Max had the very chair I want for $50, I was ready to go get it but Les's disability check didn't come in so I am afraid to get anything extra :( I am sure they will have it on sale again or maybe I will get the cash I need to make up the difference, I am tired of my air hanging in the arm of the chair I have and my back hurting. The new one is wider and has good support. I have less than 2 weeks until my birthday, I told Les I want a chair and a long sleeved Carolina shirt, I saw a Carolina Girls shirt at church I loved so I tell him what I want so I don't get something I can't use (BIG :0))
Have felt pretty good this week, just sleeping a little more than I would like to. Have been going to bed around 2 and sleeping in until 10 or 11, I sleep so good in the morning!