Saturday, March 7, 2009

I started out my day with a training class at work but snapped these pictures before I pulled out of my driveway. After work I rode to the cemetery when my Aunt Doll is buried. I am going to get her some new flowers for the spring.
It has been a beautiful day, in the 70's, I didn't get anything done though, took a good nap but that's it. The training was teaching kids Math. It really was fun!
I am watching a movie, The Cleaner with Samuel L. Jackson so I am making this short.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Meet Me in the Meadow

When Connie Prince shared this kit with me I Knew I had to scrap some of my photos! It is called Meet my in the Meadow if you want to see others I put them in my 3S gallery, link on side. I did 8 of them and think they look nice. This is a part of a Birthday Bag for $3 that has 7 items!
Les is much better, we stopped by to see his Dad but I was afraid to spend much time there. My MIL really looks bad, she has lost so much weight and her face is looking old, I am glad I never picked up the smoking habit, it really adds years!
I have a lot of srapping to do, had to write done all my kits this time, LOL, I am a list maker, it keeps me mentally straight so i get everything done.
I got a Butterfly Bush from Jackson Perkins yesterday. Must start my herbs and zinnias, too. I am going to name it my Zaroga bush and think of my new friend when I take pictures of it, LOL! it is a Honeycomb which is yellow. It was $4.95 so that wasn't bad.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


My card reader is fixed. The power supply just needed to be unplugged so the capacitors could bleed down or that's what Les said and it worked, LOL!
These are my share for today, Charli playing her own kind of Peek a Boo! She really makes my day!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I hope everyone slept as well as I did! I feel really good this morning and have not even had a cough attack yet (I am so used to them it is Amazing to start my day without one!)
I am disappointed I couldn't get my cardreader to work because I have Gina's SD card and was going to transfer her things to disc, I sprayed it with my Dust remover but no luck.
So this is my share this morning... I am doing another book for one of my parents, Natali at Scrapbooking Graphics has some Fabulous kits! These I actually PAY FOR since I am not on her CT, LOL! But I bought what she had on sale! The WA is by Bethany on her Blog, I am hooked on her stuff and visit her Blog Elegant Word Art often, I think I put a link at the bottom, if not I will have to.
I am going to check on Les, he is pitiful, I made him some soup last night but it was AWFUL! I didn't get home until 7:30 and was trying to rush it, what a waste, the potatoes I bought had dark spots and I burnt some bacon, my heart was just not into cooking!
I hope you have a blessed day and here is my verse this week...
Commit your work to the Lord and your plans will succeed. Prov 16:3

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Baby it's Cold outside, LOL! 22 degrees! I am sure there is ice everywhere!
I am excited to be on Emily Farnworth's CT team! These pages are done with SPRINGLOADED which is adorable! She is a new designer at SOTB I love CT work! I have so many cute pictures to scrap and the free kits come in handy, LOL!
Well off to take my bath and get ready so I can heat up the car! I guess I better go to see if we have a delay in opening, too!OH, Les came home sick from work, I am afraid he has the Flu.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Well that was a short lasting snow! It's 54 degrees and all the snow is gone. I only worked 2 hours because I didn't have any kids, I just got my March green and Dr Seuss things up and took red stuff down. They didn't have but a very few kids and the Meals on Wheels (where we get our food as we are a part of Piedmont Agency on Aging) so they sent out for bread and had sandwiches, chips and fruit and all ate in one class. I bet we had less that 20 kids!

Pictures of Seth and Jeremy's Art

I got up the normal time so I could look outside, Tye was on my bed which is unusual and so I decided it was not worth sleeping in, I think we open at 10:00,
Watching the news right now there is a problem on I85 and people have been stuck for hours! That's awful, a couple of trucks wrecked and some people have run out of gas and have children in the cars, and it's so cold! The weatherman on channel 7 is talking now, he got stuck about 4 hours and had to get a tow truck to get him out!
ANY WAY... I looked at Jeremy's Facebook and he had added this wonderful drawing of Alexis! But there were new pictures of him, Julie and Alexis but none of my baby! So I wrote him back asking where are picture of Seth and he added a few, here they are. I still don't have any Christmas or Birthday. Julie has a new camera so I know that's not a problem.
I guess I will get several pages done today, I think I will go take my bath and get dressed. My hiking shoes will come in handy today!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

It's snowing!

I am so EXCITED! It is really snowing here! It started just before 5:00 and is now sticking as the flakes get larger.
Of course Tye does not like it so I will have to clean up puddles on the floor, LOL!
I have been watching the birds go crazy! I know I am like a kid with this, I called Gina and she said Charli was at the window laughing at it, She did get pictures for me. Trey is not home so when he gets back she will take her out to get some.
Hey visit my friend Debbie's blog for some gorgeous Word Art!

I have made several pages today, this one is done so I have a QP to give away for the Scripture Challenge at SBE, it is made using several of Rina's kits mixed together.
One of my favorite Digi friends Anders AKA Chickendude sent me the link to an article he wrote for a Scrapping magazine, I hope you will take a minute to look!
I really enjoyed it!
Les' foot is very swollen, poor thing, walking with the boot on one foot and winching every time he steps down, plus he has to work today! I told him he really needs to see a specialist! I guess I will have to get some of our friends to tell him the same thing so he will listen!