Saturday, April 25, 2009

I had a training class this morning, I got up at about my normal time and this fellow had climbed the pole where my feeders are. I opened the window and threw out a hot dog bun so he decided that it would taste good. I am going to get some feeders for the squirrels, too, I saw an idea that you fill an empty 2 Ltr bottle with peanuts in the shell and hang upside down so they have to grab them out of it. Sounds fun!
My training was on Blood borne Pathogens which I have to have every year. It was really pretty good, not boring as usual because the trainer is fun. Got home at 11:00 or so and Les, Jeff and I did some yard work and the boys left so I have the house to myself. Doing some scrapping and have to plan my lesson for tomorrow.
It is a really beautiful day!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Not a Tantrum

I visited Linda at her Blog and got this great WA! The kit is brand new by Emily Farnworth at SOTB called Play Daze and used her new Speech Bubbles The pictures are from Gina. The day I had my hair done Charli sat in my lap and let Gina fit hers so this was taken that day, I think she was just tired but didn't it make a cute page?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I got these pictures of a mockingbird and a brown headed cowbird the other night, the cowbird had his mate but the pictures are not very clear. Last night a titmouse landed on my feeder but was gone before I got my camera.

Charli really had a fit when I left her yesterday! Made me want to stay with her but Trey had errands to run and I had to be at church at 6:00. She was extra loving toward me so I guess she was just in a "Meme's Girl" mood. I hope she settled down quickly. Usually Trey is very good at distracting her.

I will be doing several kits for Gem designs, Grethe has been sick and in hospital and I hadn't heard from her in a long time. One kit is a Bar-be-que set so Zaroga if you have a recipe card you want made send me the recipe, LOL! I guess I will get Les to grill something and get pictures! There is also a Wild West kit I like. That will be easy for me.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Les and I went out to fill the feeders up and this little fellow was sitting there peeping at us, Les put a little food on the bar and we figured out he was in distress. When I went back in he was still out there but had moved to my window still. He even guarded the feeders and ran off some bigger birds! I had the best time watching him!
Les and Jeff made me another feeder I will be happy to get it hung up!
My FIL may just have a virus, not gotten a lot of info yet but Les and I don't want to go up there if it is a virus!
Gina got to go in work later than usual so I got to spend time with her and play with Charli. Charli slept late and so didn't take her nap as usual but did get a little whiny and want me to hold her which was OK by me! After Gina left she climbed up on me and when to sleep anyway, LOL! I love to hold her and I guess she feels comfortable too!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I got the bright idea of adding this picture of Gina with my picture of Charli, I like the way it looks! I used Squeaky Clean by Garden Girl Designs.

I like comparing the pictures of Gina with Charli, I would love to do Jeremy and Seth but, you know...

My 'Wild Child" was very good yesterday so I had a fun day at work! I have to pray for him daily because he is never the same, he was loving and sat in my lap much of the day but he is just as likely to pick up a toy and pop a child in the head. His temperament is opposite of mine so I have to watch myself.
Robyn told me her last day is Thursday, I am very sad but due to budget cuts her job is being cut out!

We had our VBS meeting last night. As always, I am over crafts, Sheila is helping me.
Oh, my Mom called us all to say she was disappointed that we didn't remember her anniversary, LOL! She married my Dad 51 years ago But she has been divorced since the early 80's!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Papa in hospital

Les called me, his Dad has been taken to the hospital and is in Critical Care, will find out later how he is.

Yummy Yummy

I am just getting around to getting these pictures off my camera but this was taken last Tuesday. Charli wasn't eating much and after she woke up I said "Charli, let's go find you something to eat." As plain as day she said, "Yummy, yummy" I was so proud and said, "yes, let's get you a yummy," and let her choose from a couple of things and she picked a fruit bar and held it up and said, "SNACK" I was beaming with pride!
Just wanted to share and remember this!
TODAY she is 15 months old!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

After the storms and Flowers

After the bad storms last week we had so many trees uprooted. I got a few shots around town. This part of Grace was blocked off because a huge tree blocked the road
It didn't bother the poor tree near the hospital, I hate looking at how they massacred it around the electric lines!!
This was the tree at the hospital and below is a lot they are piling up some of the trees and limbs. I wish I had gotten pictures of the Children's Home but they cleaned it up quickly. It was very bad. Several houses were hit all around town. The last one is a house above the hospital that a tree fell across the street and hit, I really wish you could see the roots on these pictures!

NOW here are some of my plants. I planted things to attract humming birds and butterflies. I have a section with zinnias which are my favorite. They surround my butterfly bush. I put bee balm near two of my roses. The one I was most concerned about has 2 buds!
At the front with my other roses I put red and purple Verbena, Phlox, Dianthus and purple Petunias. I also have some Pineapple mint and other mint I brought over from my old house.
I put a Blue Angel Columbine at my backdoor in a cement planter and filled hanging baskets to put at my bird feeders with Salvia, Ageratum and my favorite Nicotiana called Hummingbird II Rose.
I will get a few more herbs I think. My friend Tim said I could have a pole for my feeders he would bring me. I am having to fill up the 2 I have Every Day! They are small though.
Well I am going to see what my friends have been up to, LOL, and get ready for bed.