Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I got the bright idea of adding this picture of Gina with my picture of Charli, I like the way it looks! I used Squeaky Clean by Garden Girl Designs.

I like comparing the pictures of Gina with Charli, I would love to do Jeremy and Seth but, you know...

My 'Wild Child" was very good yesterday so I had a fun day at work! I have to pray for him daily because he is never the same, he was loving and sat in my lap much of the day but he is just as likely to pick up a toy and pop a child in the head. His temperament is opposite of mine so I have to watch myself.
Robyn told me her last day is Thursday, I am very sad but due to budget cuts her job is being cut out!

We had our VBS meeting last night. As always, I am over crafts, Sheila is helping me.
Oh, my Mom called us all to say she was disappointed that we didn't remember her anniversary, LOL! She married my Dad 51 years ago But she has been divorced since the early 80's!

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Amberpony Creates said...

Very Cute! Comparisons are always fun!
Now that the shop is looking like we have some kind of order and my Birdhouse lumber has been brought back to the top. I can make new Bird houses for next year, When time allows LOL