Monday, April 20, 2009

Yummy Yummy

I am just getting around to getting these pictures off my camera but this was taken last Tuesday. Charli wasn't eating much and after she woke up I said "Charli, let's go find you something to eat." As plain as day she said, "Yummy, yummy" I was so proud and said, "yes, let's get you a yummy," and let her choose from a couple of things and she picked a fruit bar and held it up and said, "SNACK" I was beaming with pride!
Just wanted to share and remember this!
TODAY she is 15 months old!

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Zaroga said...

It is such fun when they are learning so many new things.

Our daughter started talking when she was 5 months old and had quite a vocabulary by time she was one and our son... he only said a few words by time he was one. Each one is so different.

I saw the flowers in your last post. They are pretty. I didn't get many plant this year. I really wanted some geraniums... still may get some.