Saturday, August 8, 2009

Today my MIL is 69 so I have picked some pictures of her with my kids and with my FIL from the reunion in June. She and I were very close when the kids were growing up, she kept Jeremy and was always closer to him than Gina, I really feel for her having to take care of my FIL and she basically has to take care of Les's sister who is going through a divorce and very needy. She is really aging fast, lost a lot of weight and you can tell in her face she is a smoker.


I was supposed to do my mission project but the gentleman was out of town so I called my Mom and we were going out to eat at the Huddle House when Gina called me and needed to go to Urgi-care because her face was worse and my sister told her it might be Mercer so Charli ate with us (she let my Mom hold her so I am Happy!) and then I took her home until Gina got done. I am glad she went because it is Mercer so she is on a stronger antibiotic and he drained it and told her to use hot compresses. Les and I are about to go pick Charli up for awhile. He can see her before he goes to work at 10:00.
While I was keeping her she poured her juice on the floor so I 'spanked' her and told her to sit and that she was in Time Out and explained we Do Not pour juice on the floor, she didn't really cry but kept saying "Meme!" over and over again. I cleaned it up and took her to get her diaper changed and ready for bed and I asked "Did Meme spank you?" she patted her bottom and said "Spank, spank" and I repeated her and she said "Juice" I think she got the message, LOL!


Kar, thanks for your concern about my cough! It is a chronic thing I have to deal with, I take Prednisone, acid reflux meds, allergy meds, Flax seed oil and my cough stuff. The air here is so hot and humid I struggle breathing and when I get hot I cough. Actually I got sick in June 1989 and in August went to work at the Pharmacy at Wal-Mart, My friends are all getting their 20 year pins now. I was there 12 years. When I went for my interview I fell out of the chair and someone had to help me up, LOL! I was hired for the pet dept. manager but was so weak I couldn't lift and I was put at the Pharmacy as OTC manager and actually got 50 cent more an hour! The disease I have is called Polymyositis and Interstitial Lung Disease After 20 years it is a part of me, just aggravating when I want to do something, Gina teases saying she could always find me in a crowd by listening for my cough, LOL! It really helped me in my job because I often talked to people about the medicines, I took some strong medicines over the years and was able to share and have more compassion than I would have if I was not sick. I honestly believe everything can have a blessing if you look for it.

Well off to get my baby to play with!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Today I am sharing a random picture I took a couple of years ago. I went to bed at 7:00 last night because the hot humid weather and make class at work is draining me. My computer was acting up so I just decided to try to sleep. I am counting the days until I get my new kids! I had an intern yesterday and she said she was worn out, LOL! It's not that I am complaining but with 8 2 year olds and I really believe one is showing signs of Autism and one bites (although now he has switched to pulling hair and pinching) and a new girl who pinches I am constantly watching them to make sure no one gets hurt. I tried an art project but the child I worry about wanted to eat the glue and paper instead of putting it together. Of course I always have him by my side!
At 5:00 my Mission Group is going to a shut in's house to do some needed things, I am going to bring my camera. My cough is bad right now and that takes a lot out of me, too. I need to get my sister to check Sam's and see if I can get Musinex DM and Cough syrup cheaper by bulk!
I pray for a blessed day!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I have this sweet picture of Charli eating a Little Debbie Jelly Creme Pie and think back to Gina growing up and eating them. They were called Choc-O-Jels then and instead of the strawberry center they had raspberry. Gina was addicted and would eat as many as we would let her!
I eat one some mornings as I take my pills and check my e-mails. I always think of my sweet little Gina eating them when I do. She is still so sweet, she will kiss me a couple of times before leaving for work and in church she hugs me during prayer time. I do hope Charli picks up this from her Mom, right now she is very selective on who she wants to be loved by. She is not comfortable with her great-grandmothers and will not let them hold her long If she lets them at all and that makes them sad. She does better if she doesn't see me because I have spoiled her pretty badly.... what is a Meme supposed to do, LOL!
I 'talked' to my DIL in Facebook chat, will share the pictures later.
Zaroga, glad you felt like stopping by! I am still praying for you!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Word Art on these top 2 pages is by my friend Linda, stop by and see her wonderful Blog!
This kit is brand new by Miss Erin Scraps at Ginger Scraps, Such pretty soft papers and fun garden elements! How can I resist scrapping Charli with these?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

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Thanks so much for your votes! I have one more to go.

The picture was from the beach last fall.

Monday, August 3, 2009

I am so hoping to get some votes this week at DST! Here is the link to vote, I am one of Connie's Digidivas
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my LO is the one I posted on July 30 and I posted it Saturday at DST
Good afternoon! It's after 3 and I am just getting home. I talked to Gina and she needed me to meet her at the Dermatologist because a rash she had really was getting worse. She has an infection so needed a couple of antibiotics, her system has been a little wacky since she lost the baby. I also got to pick up my new glasses which made me happy!
This is one of my squirrels eating fruit loops from the feeder Les and Jeff made me, they keep knocking the top off and Les hasn't attached it right. The feeder beside it was meant for birds, it's Les' design using PVC, twigs and coke caps, he covered it with fiberglass and it looks like a branch, the caps look like knots and he put peanut butter in them. No birds but the squirrels had a ball!
I got an 8th child at work today and wouldn't you know, she's aggressive! She kept walking up and pinching kids and even had one boy on floor hitting him in face! I hope she will put me back down to 7 in the next 2 weeks when school starts back! (I can have 8 but my room is crowded) I tripped over a cot and hurt my right arm while I was trying to throw the leftovers to the birds and get the girls to stop standing on the cots. A few extra bruises, there, LOL!
Well, I need to get the dessert for my WOM group made, hope you are having a nice day!

Sunday, August 2, 2009


This morning we broke ground at church! So everyone there could have a part we had the building committee behind the plow and all the members there pulling the ropes, great idea I think! I was sorry that many of our regular members were not there because of sickness or vacations but I will share these pictures with everyone. We celebrated 25 years in February, what a great way to start our next quarter century!

Charli spend the afternoon with Les and I and so we visited Les's parents, My FIL slept most of the time and Charli is not comfortable around them and will not let my MIL hold her, that makes her feel bad.
My great nephew Charlie who is 2 was playing with his daddy who was flipping him and fell on the pavement and had to have 4 stitches in his head this morning.