Saturday, January 30, 2010

Got back a few minutes ago from Greenville, because of weather Fuddrucker's and A.C.Moore were closed so ate at Fatz and went to Target and H.H.Gregg. SO I didn't get my hamburger or the Hot Wheels frame I wanted and the Build a Bear and book I planned to get were put off until later, too. But Gina got her new Laptop so I got her old one.
I do not know if we can go to Greenville or not, am waiting to hear from Trey when Gina gets off. It's cold and wet and I have ice hanging from my bird feeders so I have not gotten motivated to do much yet. I have my Women's group coming Tuesday so I need to get going. Les hasn't gotten my box for my tree out of the garage yet, I did the part I do but between his back and gout he has managed to procrastinate quite awhile but I am lucky he even helps, If he didn't I wouldn't put up that big tree because I can't manage it alone.
Well off to do some laundry and clean my office.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Les and I took Charli to AT&T to get our new phones today, she was very good, never when near all the phones and stuff. She just danced and played with Merry Moose. When we got outside Les had left the car running the whole time we were in there! I was so tickled I couldn't talk! I told him he was lucky that I had taken my pocketbook in!
Then I handed Charli my old phone and she said "batteries?' because there was no picture and I took her it had batteries and she started playing and turned on the speaker and dialed 911! I told the lady I was sorry and explained what happened which make her laugh, too.
We then went to Wal-Mart which is not her favorite place But she was an angel and we got her a Pirate Brobee from YoGabbaGabba and she was a happy girl.
My tests didn't take as long as I thought they would. I had to sit in a wheelchair by the time I found a parking place at Self plus they were painting on the floor they do the Lung tests on and that really got me coughing. Thank goodness they did my Echo in a room to keep me away from the fumes which was nice. I can't hold near as much air as I did 18 months ago, I know I am a whole lot short of breath!
My Mom also went to the Dr and had a cyst removed and my MIL finally got out of the hospital.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Just a quick post before I go out the door, I had my annual meeting at work yesterday and am proud that I got the Best Classroom award! I got a $20 Wal-Mart card and a $50. Bonus check for going to the meeting. That will be great when Les and I go the Greenville Friday night or Saturday for my BD! I am so looking forward to Fuddruckers!

One of me new little girls got her finger caught in the bathroom door yesterday, she had followed a little boy who opened the door then closed it on her finger, I felt so badly! Her Daddy had to come get her because it rolled back the skin on the tip and I know it really hurt!

Well time to start my car!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I got this from my Secret sister today, it is my birthday gift. I am so looking forward to my birthday! I told Les I want bird feeders and garden gnomes to put in my yard. Lowe's has awesome feeders, the small ones I have have to be filled so often they stay empty a lot. I have always wanted some gnomes to put in my yard, too, and Big lots has already got them for the spring. After all the time I spend at Farmville I need to do my Real Yard, too!

This picture made Charli laugh! I told her it was 2 Charlis! I think it is adorable!

Today is Seth's birthday! I sent him a card but mailed it late so he may get it tomorrow or Tuesday.