Saturday, June 12, 2010

Just wanted to make a note that I had terrible cramps in my feet and legs after I went to bed last night! I had to get up and soak my feet in hot water. I am going to take extra Potassium and maybe buy some bananas or orange juice.
Going to Old Navy for Gina and then to Wal-Mart then home to pack.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Charli and Natalie Stovall

Natalie gave her a sticker and called her her STAR DANCER

600th post! Wow! I am rather proud that I have done so well keeping up! Been very busy getting ready to leave tomorrow for the beach.
I wanted to share a link to the front of our newspaper where Charli is on it dancing to Natalie Stovall's Music with a sticker that Natalie gave her and told her she was her Star Dancer. That woman can play the Fiddle! She is on Facebook and about to release a new CD. It was the best concert so far this year!
I put several pictures on my Face Book profile

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I feel very blessed this morning. I woke up to a clean house and even though I actually spent from about 11:00 to 3:00 and then got another hour and a half before I got up at 7:30 so I feel refreshed. That's pretty good since I can't take my sleep pill until tonight, LOL.
David and Paula dropped by for awhile after church to check on me. They thought I had already went to Charleston by we leave Saturday. Jeff is going to paint the kitchen while we are gone which is awesome!
I love this picture of Jeremy and Seth!
Jeremy and I how made a promise to text more and I told him what happened with the tree falling and he wrote back later when he was driving he saw a car spin out, hit another car and go into a fence that was up around a construction site! I thought that was freaky that we both saw something while we were in the car on the same day! He and I both hate to talk on the phone but this will work out great!
I told Charli the Dr told me to wear my air all the time so yesterday when I switched from one tank to the other she would point that finger and get a funny voice and say "Doctor said WEAR YOUR AIR!" She is so funny.
That's her thing, she tells everyone, "You're so FUNNY!" and laughs a big laugh. I tell her, "See you in the Funny Papers!" and she repeats that.
Life is great. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to leave work and keep her full time.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


As we were going to Les's Mom's today close to 4:30 there was a storm, and we were on Grace St near First Baptist church and up ahead Les and I saw a tree fall and a huge flash. I was the one to call 911. The transformer had to be what the flash was because the power was out in that grid and the tree had not been cleared at 8:30 when we checked back after church. It was very interesting! I am glad Les was driving (and I don't say that often) because he knew to get in other lane and back up because I would have thought to just pull into the next street and turn around but he showed me that would put you under the line and it ended up dropping down. I think there may been a car that the tree fell on. I will check the paper tomorrow. The storm wasn't that bad but the lightening was right there at us, I guess.
This is Charli showing off her stickers from yesterday.
We ate at Arby's with Doug and Elaine before church and Charli was having so much fun playing with them! They had had a bad day but I think she changed that!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Had a very good today today, took Charli to see a couple of the topiaries Uptown. This picture was taken on my phone, I will take more as we get closer to the Festival of Flowers. We plan on going Thursday to the concert if it doesn't rain. We also stopped by Les's Dr to say Hi to Angel and Jennifer where she stocked up on sticker's
Also took Charli to the Poll, she enjoyed watching me and would tell me Check that one, LOL! She got More Stickers there!
I had to go to the Dr because of the swelling I am having. I January I weighed 134 lb. Today I was 142 lb but it is all it my middle and face and actually fluid. I am taking Lasix but not working. I am going to cut back on Prednisone, wear my air more and stay on all my other meds until I talk to the new Dr in Charleston next Tuesday.
Oh, and I wanted to add that we had to buy a tire yesterday so I would remember.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Went to Gary reunion today but could only stay about an hour and a half because Les had to be at work, Only got a few rushed pictures. Lots of Drama with my niece...
Lots of new layouts on facebook