Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Had a very good today today, took Charli to see a couple of the topiaries Uptown. This picture was taken on my phone, I will take more as we get closer to the Festival of Flowers. We plan on going Thursday to the concert if it doesn't rain. We also stopped by Les's Dr to say Hi to Angel and Jennifer where she stocked up on sticker's
Also took Charli to the Poll, she enjoyed watching me and would tell me Check that one, LOL! She got More Stickers there!
I had to go to the Dr because of the swelling I am having. I January I weighed 134 lb. Today I was 142 lb but it is all it my middle and face and actually fluid. I am taking Lasix but not working. I am going to cut back on Prednisone, wear my air more and stay on all my other meds until I talk to the new Dr in Charleston next Tuesday.
Oh, and I wanted to add that we had to buy a tire yesterday so I would remember.

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Kar said...

Charli is just too darn cute! Love the topiaries! I'm sure Greenwood is way different than when I grew up there. Hope you guys can make it to the concert and have a lot of fun.