Thursday, July 8, 2010

Heading to bed but thought I would make a quick post, Charli fell running when her Daddy came to pick her up and I bandaged her little knees, she Hates band aids and was saying "I don't want to, Meme!" She wouldn't walk as long as they were on her knees but when Gina took them off she started walking, LOL!
I have to go to Orthopedic surgeon about my knee to see if it is torn tendon. I am praying it is not!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

This adorable kit is called Ain't Life Grand? by Connie Prince and I Love it! I had so much fun using it.
I had my last Cytoxan today, tomorrow I see Dr. Holman and talk about what to do next. Dr. Hightower suggested CellCept and Rapaume, I guess I will see what he says. I just want this swelling to go down, my feet are so fat by the end of the day and I can stand by Gina and look as pregnant as she is!
Ames is a good active baby. You can watch him move just like his Mommy did. I really feel for Julie, she lost the baby, had her birthday and Jeremy has been shipped out to California for dessert training for the month And Alexis will be coming home to SC soon to go to school. I am praying she will have strength she needs.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Had a nice weekend, Friday David and Paula came over for grilled pork chops and then Saturday morning they came over and helped fix the corner of our yard with a seating area and Paula weeded the section of the flower bed I didn't get to the other day. Then I went to 96 with Trey and Gina and we watched Mary Jane's band and when Les got off he joined us for the fireworks.
Charli had a great time playing and dancing and loved the fireworks!
Sunday Les got off at 6 and we took Charli to church while the kids went to see Grown Ups and came home to watch the Macy's Fireworks show which she enjoyed but was impatient while they played music and wanted fireworks, LOL! I recorded it so I can fast foward just for them next time.
My last Cytoxan is in the morning and I go to Dr Wednesday to discuss next round of meds. Les is off until Thursday.
Today we are going to Tye dye t-shirts at church for Bible school and probably hang out with David. We may go out to the lake for awhile in Paula's boat.
I also started a project for Jeremy's birthday, a quilt with his Scout badges, he is in California for the month doing desert maneuvers, that's sad because today is Julie's birthday and since she lost the baby she is depressed. Also Alexis will be coming back to SC to go to school soon and he will be missing her.