Saturday, July 11, 2009


I made $19 at my yard sale and Jamie made over $50. I am about to ride up town now and listen to the music, Hate seeing all this stuff in my office so I am walking away for now...

Friday, July 10, 2009

Greenwood is gearing up for the Festival of Discovery this week end!
These are some pictures from last year when Les and I met Tim and Leigh Ann there. We are going tonight because he has to work tomorrow night. I live so close to town I can almost smell the food from my front porch!
We worked in the yard for quite awhile and it will look nice for Saturday! Les's wheeling and dealing got us a Lawn Vac with a wood chipper and it is Great! After cutting, weeding and weed eating we just walk over the yard and everything is sucked up and can be used for mulch! SO COOL!
I haven't got as much as I would like gathered together for Saturday but the garage is Much better my yard looks great and maybe I will make a few $$$

Thursday, July 9, 2009

These are the dolls my sister is making to sell, they are very cute. A lot of work go into making them. I can do a lot but sewing by hand is not my thing!
I was sad that I had to throw away some of the dolls that were Gina's when I cleaned some things out of the garage the other day. The box had gotten wet and mildewed several including a couple of dolls my MIL had made out of mop heads. I couldn't even get pictures they were so bad. I asked Gina if she wanted any of her Ty beanies or any of the stuff and she said No so I am going to put them in the yard sale, too.
I will be glad to get this stuff out of my office! I can barely walk in here because my sister brought over her stuff and I have my things in here, too!

My knee is really giving me trouble. At first it was my left knee and I have a knot on it where arthritis is attacking my knee cap but now I have fluid on my right knee and it is hard to get up in the morning and walk. It is something I am writing mostly because I want to keep up with how long I am having trouble and not trying to complain. You see I do not say too much to Les about things like this because he Always has so many aches and pains that mine is no big deal. I did show him how my knee was swollen but when I asked for help cleaning the garage for the yard sale he got aggrivated and said I just didn't know how badly his knee hurt and he didn't want to be on it getting stuff out of the garage. I got want I needed out of the garage with out reminding him about My Knee but I think you understand, now. I will just take my Advil and Celebrex and go on.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I did these pages for challenges at Ginger Scraps, they is done with a brand new release called Enchanted Forest by Miss Erin. The one at top is a photo editing challenge and I combined several photos. The other two are an Inspiration challenge and it was "SMELL" I knew I wanted to do my herbs.
Yesterday was better than Monday at work, We are really having trouble with one of the kids biting, though! My assistant had him bite 3 kids Monday afternoon! The new child is so behind the others, the art project we did today was proof for sure. I might as well be talking to the table as he does not seem to listen or understand what we ask him. I pray he will do better quickly! He did not take a nap either and that is Not good!

My youngest sister called and asked would I let her have a yard sale at my house so we are doing it Saturday. I got more stuff from the garage and need to get it ready. I like getting rid of this Junk!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I really enjoyed watching Charli learn how to pull the wagon! She started out by pushing it from behind then I would show her and finally she got it. I know now more than ever how important guidance is. I have to spend many hours a year learning more and more about children and what makes them tick. I wish kids were taught in school some of the things I learn! Gina always comments how Charli is so much better for me, that's a no brainer, I am giving her all my attention, not trying to wash clothes or clean the house, We spend most time with her sitting beside me or in my lap, and talking!
I got a new child yesterday, he will be 2 this month. He can't talk much, makes grunts in his throat mostly, sleeps in a crib, can't use a spoon well and so much more, he has never been in Daycare. I have several extra gray hairs this morning! Between him and Bryce biting I was stressed out. I will be glad to hold My Baby this afternoon!
I am so glad Gina is like me and not a screamer. Most of mine and Les' families are and I see them get in their child's face and yell "I am going to slap you!" I cry internally for those children every time! I spent a lot of time with my grand parents since I was the oldest and that was a great blessing! My grand parents not only had my RESPECT but they gave me RESPECT! I do not remember them ever getting in my face and screaming! Especially out in public. My kids will tell you I Never did this or embarrassed them in front of their friends. If I had to correct them I would take them aside and whisper in their ear or take them to the bathroom. Now Les was a screamer but he learned so Gina had a much better Dad than Jeremy, LOL!
Why am I writing this? I guess because it is 3:30 and I couldn't sleep and I am rambling, LOL! It is just too important, I would have never lived with Les 28 years if he had spoken to me this way, a poor child does not have a big choice, but then I do not like Drama!
I have started reading "A Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren. I never planned to read it, Les bought it and left it in my car so I picked it up, I got behind over the week end and was reading when I decided to go ahead and post, I was reading about the driving forces of some people's lifes and how hurt, resentment, guilt and fear can drive them. I think of my own Dad and how words he said pushed me away from him for many years and how my family members do not talk since his death. Words can be poison to our hearts and the tone of those words can amplify the sting. Yes, I wish I could tell those family members it will be too late to take back those words, your kids are growing up and will be one day talking to your grand children like you talked to them. I am glad my kids do!
Oh, it will be a few days before we get Les' biopsy results, he does have diverticulitis, though.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Ginger Scraps has a fun BLOG TRAIN that I followed to get the Independence Day Kit to scrap these pictures. You can find it HERE. I am not sure how long it will stay up.
I have to take Les to the Dr after I get off work today and Gina has to go back to get more blood work done. She still does not feel well, she said she would like to get back to normal and have everyone not bring it up about losing the baby so she can get back to normal and try again. We are alike that way, you can't dwell on what you can't control and you must move forward. You have to know that God is in control and things always work out for the best.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Some shots from last night, I think there were a couple of reasons I did not get the shots I did last year, we were not nearly as close, there were no real 'sound effects' and the street lights were not turned off. Still thet are kind of funky and fun.
I was happy to see Charli for a couple of hours, too, here she is with Tye.