Friday, April 8, 2011

It turns out Jeff had a broken hip, he didn't even remember when he fell! He will have surgery the first of the week.
I went to the DR and I must double my Prednisone 5 days and use my inhaler But my inhaler was dead so I guess I will see if I can get one Monday, it is the pollen. Again I was asked about going to Duke to get on the list for lung transplant.

Exercise times, 18 min New step 6 min arms and 5 min on treadmill! Will add pictures from The Entertainers concert from last night

Thursday, April 7, 2011

I had a rough night last night with crazy dreams! I still have so much congestion in my lungs I wake up to cough it up but at 3 I woke up thinking about my brother. He is still so weak. I can't imagine having the scariest thing to happen in your life and not having the one person who loves you most with you. He spent 2 days in ICU and our baby sister stayed as much as she could, I couldn't even go with being sick and Les was working, his friends Roy and Foots were there but Mom was in Florida. We softened everything because we knew Mom would want to come home. He is supposed to lie down as much as possible and he has been pretty good but mostly he sits in his chair or on the steps. The bleeding in his brain is in the center which the Dr said was unusual, if it would have been me I would still be in the hospital but he has no insurance and is an alcoholic and heavy smoker so I guess they needed to release him ASAP. I have to say Roy and Steve are good friends! They met him in the ER and stayed with him. I don't know when he will be checked out or even IF. I have not done too good a job taken care of him since I was so sick and trying to keep the kids and Les has tried to work, take care of me, Jeff and his Mom who has pneumonia. I have to say it made me realize how much I love my brother, it has been scary, he was terrified and ready for me to call 911 with his head throbbing, he almost cried and said Why do things like this happen and brought up my lung disease.
As much as I complain about him I was glad I was with him Saturday and glad he is here today!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Jeff has fallen twice today, he fell out of the bed trying to cover up and hit his head and then his knee twisted and he fell and he just scooted toward the door. He fell 3 times yesterday so that is better! He is not as wobbly today but still is very pitiful! Les and I are wondering about leaving him alone. I had to go to therapy but Jamie stopped by and brought him lunch. She told him he was supposed to stay in bed as much as possible while he is still bleeding. I want to go to church tonight but may not, I hope tomorrow I can get our neighbor or his friend to check on him so we can go to the first Alive After 5 uptown.
My exercise times: 15 on New Step 5 arms, 4 on treadmill. Heart rate is still up on treadmill but not as much as it was.
Ames started clapping today!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Made it to exercise today made it 15 min, New Step, 4 minutes threadmill (which was not too bad because my O2 drops and heart rate jumps on this and did 8 minutes arms. She didn't make me do laps since I was recovering from being sick.
Ames had his check up and the Dr put him on antibiotics for his cough and said he was tall! In the 90%, He weighs almost 18 lbs.
Jeff is still in ICU, they were running another test to see where blood is coming from. Dr Lal feels like it was a seizure like he has had in past.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

I tried to post yesterday but photos were not working right but it was a challenging day, to say the least! First the Good things, Ames was 6 months old! I caught this picture of him sitting up March 31 and his tooth cut through March 24 on bottom.
Now the other, I stayed in bed much of the day and read, too weak to do a lot, Les came home at 4:00 to find the motorcycle had fallen over and killed Tye! My furbaby would have been 10 years old in a couple of weeks! THEN my brother had a seizure or something and had to call the ambulance, he will be in the hospital another night. While Les was gone to church I heard someone in the house so I thought it was Jamie bringing Jeff home but must have been Roy getting stuff for him... no dog barking to let me know he was here made me sad. Les will work tonight so will be very quiet around here. Charli hasn't understood yet and Les feels very guilty. Came home last night and buried him at 9:30.
BUT Jeremy is home from training (his home) and he called me yesterday!