Saturday, February 18, 2012

Found this adorable chore chart on Pinterest and thought it would be fun to make for kids Christmas! I thought I would go ahead and put on my to get done list and do one to match each child's room.
Have laid around and been very lazy today, car still had leak so he took it back, Les is feeling better and done some things around the house, I am glad to hear him talking a little though his voice not back to normal.
I need to keep track of how often he gets laryngitis, LOL!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Les is still sick but eating a little, kids were great today, had a great time with them both.
Still without a car, The mechanic said the pulley was bad, too, he is giving us a super price to fix it ($30)! so it is well worth that! Still 2 days with no van is not fun!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Rollo Virus

Monday Gina took the kids to the Museum in Durham and Charli threw up in car.... that was beginning, Poor Charli was so sick and stayed sick until this morning! Les got it during the night Tuesday and Wednesday could not even go into the clinics to meet doctor or go with me for tests! He had to wear mask, a gown and sit in a wheel chair while I went. They did speed me up to leave early but we really had a trip home!Thank God Ames slept while Charli through up.
Today Gina had to cancel all her clients and stay home because she had it and we had to have van towed to get it fixed.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

After Duke

Well, I did learn ways to have a better quality of life while I was at Duke! I also learned that you have to work Very hard to get to the point you can get a new set of lungs, for example I must start doing Pulmonary Therapy again, since it is getting ready to transplant insurance should help. I also have to change sleeping pills and not refill my cough syrup because it is a narcotic. I have to get new oxygen tanks that will give me more oxygen because that is what's wrong and while I feel like I am dying sometimes, my air is nor strong enough!
The biggest thing is I Must have a smoke free house which means my brother Has to find some one who is kind enough to give him a room knowing he has no money and drinks and smokes! This is sad to me in many, many ways, Ames and Charli love him and he helps watch them when I am feeling bad and he is company when Les is at work! Plus I love him and do not want to see him go some where they will knock him over the head and let him die! The only place he has is with Rocky which is horrid to think about!
I am so tired I will share Duke trip later, I will say I saw inside Quality Inn and Hospital and that is it!