Friday, November 25, 2011

Slept until noon, that was nice on Black Friday, LOL! Les and I got the living room cleaned and got the tree in then ate at China garden went to Burkes where we got several clothes for the kids really cheap and I got a cute board to hand Charli's art, Gina will love it! We stopped by hobby Lobby, got a couple of things for tree.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Had to call the dentist because my filling fell apart as I was eating a cookie Tuesday so have to get it fixed Monday. Les went back to doctor because I thought he had missed a stitch but it was actually an ingrown hair.
We had our Soup and Cornbread in our new Social Hall at church-- our PAID for social hall! It is nice, too! I think that basically catches me up, oh, Kathie had her trial stimulator out, she was not happy so I do not think she will go through with the unit. She said it was one of the worse thing she ever went through. Les is doing great with his except his gout is flared in his right hand. The stitches are still bleeding a small amount but Cahrli said they looked much better than the Frankenstein look last week, LOL!