Saturday, August 1, 2009

When I got the change to scrap with Cathy K's new kit SPLASH and the Add On she created I went through Gina's vacation pictures and found the one of her running on the beach and it came together so easily! The top page I wanted to use a long skinny photo so I used this one I took of Charli playing in the rain waiting for her Daddy, the lyrics from the song Laughter in the Rain bring back wonderful memories from my teen years.
In case you are too young to remember this sweet song here it is...

I have a list of things to get done today, I have already started laundry and am ready to go out to the garage and find some tea sat pieces to put in Charli's toys then I am ready to catch up on things I need to. Les it going to work tonight so I do not have to leave the house and even have my sweats on. Gina is off today and going to Anderson. It is wet and will probably drizzle off and on, I am glad I didn't plan to yard sale!

Friday, July 31, 2009

I am just settling down to post! We had the kids over for a supper of fried pork chops, mashed potatoes and gravy, black-eyed peas and stewed tomatoes. Trey really loved my pork chocks and Charli said the potatoes and gravy were Yummy. I am thinking about going to bed, I am very tired!
We share more with you later.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

I am very late posting today. I have been working on my challenge page for week 3 and it was tough! Too much on it that I had to save in parts on my program! I am posting it here so I can go back and cut and paste to post in. It is a 1 - 10 challenge and here is what I used

1 alpha (Home Made Memories)
2 fonts ( Snappy script light and Serrific Grunge)
3 flourishes
4 strings
5 glitters
6 animals
7 photos
8 buttons
9 papers
10 flowers

kits are all by Connie Prince Pocketful of Sunshine, Perfectly Natural, Bright Blooms, and Home Made Memories.

I do not like to spend hours on a page, but that is what I did with this one! Glad it's done!

Had a pretty good day at work, the little boy I am concerned about is behind in speech and developmentally and they are checking into a program to evaluate and help him. I was proud of him today, he rode one of the cars today, I had noticed he never would ride any of the ride toys, I started putting him on and he would get off, Today I put him on and he rode it a couple of feet. He also climbed on himself. He will be 2 Sunday, please pray for the little fellow that he can catch up! He doesn't talk, either, (he grunts from his throat and hearing is fine) that is why I asked his Mom about getting him looked at. He had never been in daycare so she had not seen him beside kids his age. Also pray for the family, they are working hard to get him help.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Charli loves to go outside so when she grabbed my finger and went to the door I grabbed my camera to see what she would do. She wanted to play with her gardening tools.

I think of all the things in my Nanny's yard that held flowers, pots were everywhere and then there were tires... huge tractor tires that were white washed and cut and folded down. Now here I am trying to find unusual garden art to fill my yard! Les has made me a bird I will post when he gets it set up, it is made from plastic reels. We plan on doing recycled garden art and have the garage almost ready to start. It has been a fun idea and something we can share. I will post things as we make them. Our challenge is to pay as little as possible so we are watching the sides of the road and he made the floor for free, shipping crates and boards from a display at work.

Wish us luck!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Through the years of Les and Tammy

Les and I have a very few pictures of our wedding, it was very informal, I wore a blue sweater dress and Les had blue cords and a white sweater. Why am I posting this? Chris sent me the link to a FUNNY video, PLEASE watch this! Can you believe how skinny I was and Jeremy was 3 months old, too!
Les never really asked me to marry him, we just decided we should and it has been 28 years. I can't imagine not being married, I was 20 at the time, just weeks away from my 21st birthday.

Here we are on our first date, I was 16 at the time 2/14/76
Here we are in the 90's when I had the heavy Prednisone weight gain, I was in my 30's.

This is 2/14/2000 at church 26 years after our first date. I was 40.

And this is now near my 49th birthday. Well that takes you through the decades with Les and I, I really hope you enjoyed seeing these!

Monday, July 27, 2009

OK, my Blogger friends I got to thinking that I would like to know and share some of the 'funny habits' we have! Before I share mine this is a picture I have hanging on the wall of my office that Jeremy drew in HS. It is an art piece to say things about him. I might have to do a digital version...Here you can see we share a Pepsi thing and the '57' was our scout troop and you can see the symbol he created to sign his work with. He told me long ago I needed to sign mine so the one you see on my pages and pictures is a small 't' in an Arabic font I found. I love this work and have much of his art stored for him.

Now for my 'reveal'

I actually Blog the night before and set it to post the next morning so I don't feel as rushed most of the time. Sometimes I do put it up on the right day but most times I just read it and edit if I need to.

I love the lay my clothes out several days at a time and have a place I put them in in my bathroom so I can get ready quicker.

I have to know where my keys, shoes and glasses are and can't stand anyone to move them. Les has a bad habit of losing his keys, his house keys are missing now, and so I do not often let him use mine AND I have a spare set in my pocketbook 'just in case'

I am MEAN if someone drinks my last Pepsi and I do not have one for the morning to take my pills with!

I have memory tricks that really help me w/o writing things down.. I put my watch on right arm, put a piece of paper on the dash in front of my gauges in the car or put something out of place. These help me remember to tell someone something or to do something if I might get distracted.
When I see the thing in the wrong place it triggers why. When I first got sick in 1989 I had to take huge doses of Prednisone so I had to teach myself new ways to stay straight.

Well I think those are my worst ones, if you put yours on your Blog add a comment so I can go see yours.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

To remember scripture I like to see it so I created this for each of my friends in the Women's On Mission group I belong to using a kit Rina is about to retire called Carpetbag. I love the colors and old fashioned feel to it and the ladies loved their cards! If you would like a copy please let my know and I will send it to you via email. If anyone that does not scrap would like to have me do a scripture card please ask, I do so many pages with the kits from my designers and would not mind at all!


A quick rundown on yesterday before I go the a cakewalk at church (I made gooey Death by Chocolate cookies and put in a basket)
Lynn went to yard sales with me and we found some wonderful Premie boy clothes for her babies and after Gina cut my hair off so I can be cooler she and David, Les and ate grilled chicken, had fresh creamed corn, beans and slaw. Les put a tomato from his garden in the slaw and it was good! I really enjoy Lynn's company and hope we can do this more often!
Poor Lynn ended up giving many of the clotes and socks to her great-nephew who was born July 1, Payton who happens to be a distant cousin of mine. I hope she will get then back soon, LOL!

The Scripture Challenge for SBE is at post below.

Scripture Challenge at SBE

Just a reminder: for the months of July and August each challenge will last for TWO WEEKS instead of weekly, in order to give everyone a little more time to participate!

Our current theme is “FAITHFULNESS”, and with that in mind, our scripture verse for Week 22 comes from Psalm 115:1 which says:
“Not to us, O LORD, not to us, but to your name be the glory, because of your love and faithfulness.”

** Be sure to read the General Guidelines to the challenge HERE, where you can find out what will happen each week. It will tell you how you can take part, what you will be receiving, where to post your submissions to, etc.

Here is a preview of your FREE Word Art for this week (the link to download the Word Art to use as part of your submission appears at the BOTTOM of this message):

* The deadline for submitting your creation for THIS challenge is midnight EST on Saturday August 8th 2009.*