Friday, December 19, 2008

I have been so busy! The Christmas play was Wed. night and it was great! I had tears from laughing at the kids! Gina had to work late Tues and Wed. doing hair for Christmas so I was there and had to go back to Dr. about my ear and get More drops and have to go back Monday. I am up now because my hand is swollen, mostly my finger with my wedding rings so I had to soak it and take Advil.
ANYWAY this is Charli 'sneezing' LOL! She had been laughing when PopPop would act like he sneezed and now she is doing it and shaking her head No when we say no, Charli! It's amazing how we appreciate the little things with our GRAND kids!
Mama's cousin Dot passed away Tuesday. She had a lump removed instead of taking the whole breast and they didn't get it all and it spread rapidly. I am so sorry for Debbie and Cindy having this Christmas without her! Because I had my work party I didn't get to go to the funeral home and I will be at work during the service.
I still have to make the kid's books for work so I guess I will be working on that today! I hope I get a nap before time to get ready for work!