Saturday, May 30, 2009

My little Princess loves playing with this wand and giggles every time she hears the sound it makes!
I am very late posting because after the craft show I came home and started reorganizing and making my office more Charli Proof, LOL! I have not even checked my email yet, I might do that in a minute and at least clear out the stuff I don't read.
I made $10 today so I left early, I guess there was too much jewelry competition. Anyway I got some things done and I think I wall join my sisters in doing more, It was worth the company.
We had planned on going to the movies but our friend had to work so I am going to finish working on my cleaning...

Friday, May 29, 2009

Just a quick post while I am running my bath. I am up early because I want to work on some jewelry quickly before work. I also have a knot on my left knee and it was hurting and I could not get comfortable any way.
This is Charli and one of her Sponge Bob figures. I so wish I could record her singing the theme song!
I told you this was quick, LOL, Zaroga, I got my programs yesterday, played a little but will really enjoy it after Saturday's show!
Oh, Les is having back trouble pretty badly again so everyone Please pray for him!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Honeysuckles and Queen Anne's Lace

On the way to work I think how I miss seeing the fields of wildflowers I used to pass by. I love the pretty, fragile Queen Anne's Lace and the smell of honeysuckle, Gina has honeysuckles in her yard growing on her fence so I catch a whiff of the sweet smell when I visit.
The day was better at work yesterday, River, the child that had cried is trying another class so it was peaceful. July 8 everything will be mixed up and kids moving up to the next class. I hope I will get the below 2 group again.

Charli and I watch Sponge Bob together and this week I have heard her singing the theme song. She is now understanding she wears a diaper and when I told her to help me pull her pants up she hiked them way up and giggled at herself. She likes to do a big laugh that comes across like a villain and I do it back and we go back and forth. doing this evil sounding laugh. I learn something new everyday, she picked up her blocks when I sang the clean up song and she knows a horse when she sees the toy and she wanted to go outside and took me to the back door and started knocking telling me "out" . it has still been raining here and was wet si I had to tell her it had rained and showed her the rain on the window.

Thursday... this week is passing quickly. I am glad I only have 1 Wednesday each week. i leave at 7:15AM and don't get home until almost 8:30PM! maybe I will get something accomplished today to get ready for Saturday's show.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Yesterday I was sitting at the railroad crossing when a quick rain came up. This is the rainbow that appeared as it was raining. This is the back of the courthouse, I didn't realize the drop of rain was on my camera but anyway you can see the full bow. That's a Veteran monument at the top.
When I got home I was tired, I had a trying day at work because one of the girls cried All Morning getting on my nerves! Thank goodness Charli was in a fabulous mood and my little sister came over a few minutes with my niece. OH, I got off track... the house smelled so good but when I walked in the Pyrex dish Les had fixed ribs in exploded when he sat it on the stove and made a mess. I am glad he wasn't in the way because the glass went through a couple of cans of Pepsi and that added to the mess!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Spent the day relaxing yesterday, Did this page for Jeremy, The kits were 2 freebies Beachglass and Solider by Gingerscraps. I especially love the BeachGlass kit and plan on using it again!
Almost hate to get back to work, LOL, but I am sure it will be a good day. I will be glad to see my baby, though!
My nephew Nick passed his EMT class with a 98! He is in the Army and stationed in Texas. I have talked to him a couple of times on Face Book. I am pretty proud he finally found something he likes!

Monday, May 25, 2009

I was very tickled this morning to see this picture got the Selective color picture for today at Gotta Pixel! I have entered several in that group since it is a favorite technique!I have to say my favorite site is Scrapable! Not only is it a fun site to post and hang around there are some Great Designers there! These two pages are from a kit called Spinky Spanky by Spinky Dink Scraps. I really loved playing with it! Thank you Lindsay for making this kit available first to your fans! It will be added to the store tomorrow. Oh, LOL, Lindsay is da bomb!
I hope I can make myself get away from the computer awhile to make some jewelry today for the craft show, I do think scrapping is more fun though!
We went to see Star Trek at the Drive in last night with some friends, that was fun even in the misty rain! I enjoyed the movie it was just dark in places and I had trouble seeing it. I liked to characters and loved the story line. We wanted to see the second feature but with Les having to go to work this morning we thought it wasn't a good idea. next week end is Disney so we hope to go. We all want to see UP! Gina will probably go with us. She and Trey went Saturday night to see Star Trek instead of going Sunday.
Have a Great Memorial Day, OK?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

I saw Charli at church and it is only a Very small bruise, she had on her silver sandals and it barely shows and is not bothering her at all. Thanks for your concerns!

Here are the pictures of Charli 'icing' her boo boo after she dropped a toy truck on her foot, she was very funny with the ice, her foot was a little swollen and had a small bruise but she was still standing on her toes and playing so she was fine, I think Les felt worse that anyone since she was following him when she went to the shelf the truck was on. Gina said that she was going to get hurt and it was ok. We still felt bad.
His back is hurting again. He had to turn up his stimulator on high and take a Flexaril. I hope it ends soon, I hate to see him hurting! He has to work everyday until Thursday when he is off.