Friday, May 29, 2009

Just a quick post while I am running my bath. I am up early because I want to work on some jewelry quickly before work. I also have a knot on my left knee and it was hurting and I could not get comfortable any way.
This is Charli and one of her Sponge Bob figures. I so wish I could record her singing the theme song!
I told you this was quick, LOL, Zaroga, I got my programs yesterday, played a little but will really enjoy it after Saturday's show!
Oh, Les is having back trouble pretty badly again so everyone Please pray for him!


Zaroga said...

Charli looks so deep in thought in that picture.

I hope your knee gets better soon and I will pray for Les. Last September my back was so bad I could barely walk. I had to have surgery to get it better. I hope Les doesn't get to that point.

I got the check today and the beautiful card.

I think you will like playing with the Publishing program.

GrannyNKy said...

We watch a lot of SpongeBob around here as well! The theme song is one of our favorites, lol!