Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Yesterday I was sitting at the railroad crossing when a quick rain came up. This is the rainbow that appeared as it was raining. This is the back of the courthouse, I didn't realize the drop of rain was on my camera but anyway you can see the full bow. That's a Veteran monument at the top.
When I got home I was tired, I had a trying day at work because one of the girls cried All Morning getting on my nerves! Thank goodness Charli was in a fabulous mood and my little sister came over a few minutes with my niece. OH, I got off track... the house smelled so good but when I walked in the Pyrex dish Les had fixed ribs in exploded when he sat it on the stove and made a mess. I am glad he wasn't in the way because the glass went through a couple of cans of Pepsi and that added to the mess!

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