Monday, May 25, 2009

I was very tickled this morning to see this picture got the Selective color picture for today at Gotta Pixel! I have entered several in that group since it is a favorite technique!I have to say my favorite site is Scrapable! Not only is it a fun site to post and hang around there are some Great Designers there! These two pages are from a kit called Spinky Spanky by Spinky Dink Scraps. I really loved playing with it! Thank you Lindsay for making this kit available first to your fans! It will be added to the store tomorrow. Oh, LOL, Lindsay is da bomb!
I hope I can make myself get away from the computer awhile to make some jewelry today for the craft show, I do think scrapping is more fun though!
We went to see Star Trek at the Drive in last night with some friends, that was fun even in the misty rain! I enjoyed the movie it was just dark in places and I had trouble seeing it. I liked to characters and loved the story line. We wanted to see the second feature but with Les having to go to work this morning we thought it wasn't a good idea. next week end is Disney so we hope to go. We all want to see UP! Gina will probably go with us. She and Trey went Saturday night to see Star Trek instead of going Sunday.
Have a Great Memorial Day, OK?

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Zaroga said...

I do like that picture... the selective coloring is just right.

Rain expected here again.

LOL... we like the same type of tv shows. We watch all the CSI. I like the new show The Unusuals. I like Burn Notice on USA and on TNT The Closer. They will soon start a new season.