Thursday, April 1, 2010

Well got a whole lot done today, too. Got my boxes started for the yard sale May 8, I will go ahead and price them as soon as I get some stickers. Got more cleaning done as Charli was watching TV. I am just getting frustrated because I clean and Les comes behind me and puts something where I just cleaned! I cleaned of the table and there were 5 empty Coke cans on it. I cleaned dishes after I made Charli and I lunch, Les cooked and left the dishes. I clean off the dryer and he puts his clean clothes on it.
Also I got one of my flower beds ready to plant my Four O'Clocks tomorrow. I have yellow ones from two different friends, One sent them from Kentucky!
I am reading a good book so I am not spending much time online for me. Been very busy!
Les took his Mom to the Lawyer today to get the will redone and she is going to the Funeral Home to go ahead and preplan this month. This is something I really want to do myself. I want to record my music. I want this song!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I got a whole lot done today! Before Charli came I did my laundry, cooked liver and onions for lunch and cleaned the kitchen, cleaned out the freezer, labeled my bead boxes and did a little cleaning, too.
Charli is taking something for her cough and she wanted to take it, I told her she had to wait until 5:00 and she said "I'm Sick" and would lay back and close her eyes, so funny!
Even funnier she saw my box of flowers I had to put spring flowers on my Aunt Doll's grave. I told her I was going to take them to the Cemetery and she started dancing and did that excited gigle she does and said Yay! Cemetery! I was laughing at her so hard, you would think I said Circus or movies! I told her I had to wait on Pop to put it in the car and she started pushing the box saying, "Pop, Cemetery. So funny!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I made a couple of pages using My Honey Bunny Bundle by Connie Prince, It is a wonderful set and so fun to work with!
I love this for the Build A Bear pictures I took when she made her bunny!
We spent awhile with my MIL today. Charli had to get some medicine for her cough and we talked to a friend from school about a security system. I am tired now and thinking about turning in soon.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Been very busy. Trying to help my MIL get things straight and this afternoon I have been straightening my beads. My sister gave me her box of jewelry things so I was adding them to mine by colors. I also got some of mine from eBay that I ordered. Now I have lots to work with!
They didn't have story time today, everyone was sick but Charli played with the puppet show and dress up. This picture is from last week.