Saturday, March 14, 2009

I am just getting up this morning! It is unusual that I can sleep in anymore but I was sleeping so good! I have a lot to do today, I want to sew a little and get the house neatened up because I am going to keep Charli while Gina takes Trey out for his Birthday. My SIL and nephew both have St Pat's birthdays, Trey and his family don't do much celebrating and he just wants a quiet night with Gina, no party or big deal.
I finished up the book I was working on for Kamryn and sent it to be printed, that's one thing off my To Do list for the week end, I also sent through the labels to label the toys in my class.
One sad part of my job is children moving up and Monday two of my Princesses will start transition, Katie and Annabelle. I am so going to miss them! They are so smart and such a joy, I am really attached to them! I will be getting Kinley who is the great-grand-daughter of one of our teachers, that means I have two children whose grandparents work for the Center. Annabelle still cries some mornings and I hold and comfort her, I will miss that, too. Most of mine don't have trouble coming in and some mornings she just comes in happy and ready to play.Now about this picture. I am a member of Digishop Talk which is the busiest scrap site there is. I am blow away at how many people are there and the talent of the people, too! I have to post there because I am part of Rina's team but so many times the pages posted are not even viewed I learned that you have to be very active and comment to have your pages seen and play the Praise game. Any how I was looking at a layout by Lindsay Jane who is a great designer and I LOVED it and told her so and she RAKed me the kit she used! She designs for Scrapbook Bytes but I put a link to her Blog if you click on the image. She has terrific freebies!
I guess I am ready to start my day, it's cold outside, about 39 degrees, so I will take a hot bath and get my laundry started. I hope you all have a wonderful day and here is my verse for this week, I really Love it!



This part of the post is so I can get something off my chest, it's now 11:00 and I have gotten more than half of my cleaning done thanks to Les getting up and helping me but I have had too much time to think about something that is really bothering me!
I was raised not to LIE or call someone a LIAR, I did find out in my adult years that my Dad could tell a few, especially during my parents divorce but that is past, I still hate a lie.
In my in-laws families that is not the same and now one of my in laws is going around saying that Les and I borrow money from her every time we see her and owe her over a thousand $$! Now first off she doesn't work and has to borrow money all the time from my MIL to take the grand to the Dr or go to the dentist, so why would I even Think she had money to borrow? After all Les and I took her family in for months when the kids were small and when she went through her divorce we treated her daughter like she was our own while she lived with us! I guess all the pain medications have messed up her mind and she may be mad at me for telling my MIL that she keeps going to Gina getting her hair done telling Gina she will pay her Friday and that Friday never has come. Maybe she is jealous because I have two wonderful Married kids will good jobs and families and they both finished school and her side is much different!
I admit I owe my sister and BIL so much more than just money and I couldn't have made it through without her and Gina and my Mom because we are doctor poor, (Les goes to get his foot x-rayed and to his GP on the 19th) but I Never have borrowed any thing from her! One reason is she would tell everyone our business... NOW SHE JUST MADE IT UP!
There, I feel much better!

Friday, March 13, 2009

I am doing this Early today, LOL, I got home late because Gina cut my hair and she asked me could she put some color on while she cut her dad's hair and then Trey came and got his cut while I watched Charli. So I had to take a Tums because I ate so late.
Any way Charli sat in my lap while Gina blew my hair dry which amazed Gina because she hates the hair dryer and then she let Gina put her hair in pigtails which is so funny because at home she fights when she tries to fix her hair!
Charli kept looking in the mirror and admiring herself... I wonder where she got that from, ROFL!
Isn't this adorable? This is one of the new things out this weekend for the March madness at SBE, click on the picture and hopefully it will take you there to see the goodies on sale for $1!
Twila, I Know you will think this one is cute!

Well I am going back to bed! Hope you have a wonderful day, Zaroga I loved the new pictures, I am not as good with the birds because I can't see far off as well as I can the close insects, I will keep trying though! Hope the meds make you feel like dancing!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

This is from Gina's camera and I thought it was cute. She is really enjoying the snow.
Today Mama has to have a stress test to make sure her stint is doing well, I asked did she want me to go with her but she is afraid for me too because the chemicals are radio active, she is always thinking of me like that, always putting her kids first.
I was showing my boss a couple of new things I have added to my class room and she hugged me and said "I thank God for you everyday," that really made me happy! She is a wonderful person to work for! The training we had talked about having a schedule so the kids know what's next. When I finish I will post a picture.
I hope everyone is doing well!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Summer Sandals

How cute are these? Yesterday was wonderful and Charli and I played in the sand, She loves the outside! I am sad it is going to get cold!
This is my 201st post, I am so proud I have kept this up even if I don't have a lot to say! Jeremy wrote me on Facebook, he loves the figures I posted yesterday and wants them.
I guess I finally found a way he will 'talk' to me and that makes me happy.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I love the Faith Home!

A couple a times a month I go to the Faith Home warehouse and spend time looking for treasures, it is my relaxation and really cost a very little but the money going to help men in rehab learn about Christ. This is what I got today because I was thinking of Jeremy (except the top one, LOL) There were boxes of toys from the 80's He-Man including some hard to get ones, a Thundercat, GI Joe, these Star wars ans Star Trek and the man at the middle bottom is Ghost Busters. I got them all plus a metal travel coffee mug, a scout cook pot and some more play food to add to my collection for $2!
I love a bargain, I actually have the VW purse already but it doesn't hurt to have a spare, who knows Charli might inherit her Meme's love of VW's. I always say they might fight over who Has to take them instead of who wants them. I am a little obsessed!
Yesterday was a wonderful day and I did a little work in the yard. I hope today is too so I can go out and play with Charli.
OH, I almost forgot to share this link!

PLEASE take a look at these! They are AWESOME!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Charli enjoying her new swing

Les and I went to see Charli's new swing, she was really having a wonderful time, she loves the slide! Her swing is up too high right now but it was great for Les to push her, I finally got pictures with his boot, he goes back to the Dr the 19th.
Charli's check up is today. Her Doctor is busy and has a problem getting her in on Mondays when Gina is off. She didn't even do the usual 9 months visit and has only been once because she had a little cold and needed medicine. Gina really is blessed! She is starting to grow out of some of her 12 months things because she is tall. I got to go to her first couple of visits but this one I will miss because I will be at work.
Well off to work to play with my other babies!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

What a difference a week makes!

Last week I was watching the snow, today I am listening to the birds with the windows open! Les and I are going to put weed-block out and then gong to see Charli's new play tower. I took this picture just after I got back from church, Jeff cut the grass yesterday and there are several dandelions today!