Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I love the Faith Home!

A couple a times a month I go to the Faith Home warehouse and spend time looking for treasures, it is my relaxation and really cost a very little but the money going to help men in rehab learn about Christ. This is what I got today because I was thinking of Jeremy (except the top one, LOL) There were boxes of toys from the 80's He-Man including some hard to get ones, a Thundercat, GI Joe, these Star wars ans Star Trek and the man at the middle bottom is Ghost Busters. I got them all plus a metal travel coffee mug, a scout cook pot and some more play food to add to my collection for $2!
I love a bargain, I actually have the VW purse already but it doesn't hurt to have a spare, who knows Charli might inherit her Meme's love of VW's. I always say they might fight over who Has to take them instead of who wants them. I am a little obsessed!
Yesterday was a wonderful day and I did a little work in the yard. I hope today is too so I can go out and play with Charli.
OH, I almost forgot to share this link!


PLEASE take a look at these! They are AWESOME!

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