Monday, March 9, 2009

Charli enjoying her new swing

Les and I went to see Charli's new swing, she was really having a wonderful time, she loves the slide! Her swing is up too high right now but it was great for Les to push her, I finally got pictures with his boot, he goes back to the Dr the 19th.
Charli's check up is today. Her Doctor is busy and has a problem getting her in on Mondays when Gina is off. She didn't even do the usual 9 months visit and has only been once because she had a little cold and needed medicine. Gina really is blessed! She is starting to grow out of some of her 12 months things because she is tall. I got to go to her first couple of visits but this one I will miss because I will be at work.
Well off to work to play with my other babies!


Zaroga said...

Charli sure looks like she is enjoying herself.

Glad Les is healing.

GrannyNKy said...

She looks like she is having fun!!! I wish I could afford a swing like that here for my little ones, or my DH was more carpentry inclined...that is my real wish I guess, lol!