Friday, March 13, 2009

I am doing this Early today, LOL, I got home late because Gina cut my hair and she asked me could she put some color on while she cut her dad's hair and then Trey came and got his cut while I watched Charli. So I had to take a Tums because I ate so late.
Any way Charli sat in my lap while Gina blew my hair dry which amazed Gina because she hates the hair dryer and then she let Gina put her hair in pigtails which is so funny because at home she fights when she tries to fix her hair!
Charli kept looking in the mirror and admiring herself... I wonder where she got that from, ROFL!
Isn't this adorable? This is one of the new things out this weekend for the March madness at SBE, click on the picture and hopefully it will take you there to see the goodies on sale for $1!
Twila, I Know you will think this one is cute!

Well I am going back to bed! Hope you have a wonderful day, Zaroga I loved the new pictures, I am not as good with the birds because I can't see far off as well as I can the close insects, I will keep trying though! Hope the meds make you feel like dancing!

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Zaroga said...

That is a cute story.

That is a very cute kit.

I'm not good with bird pictures... sometimes I luck out and get a halfway decent picture.