Thursday, June 17, 2010

Connie Prince has a new Collab with Charlize Creations being released tomorrow. I have so many pictures of Charli with music so it was so easy to do. MUSIC OF MY LIFE is the kit.

Still tired, just like yesterday. I really need to get energized since I have to put my kitchen 'back together' after Jeff painted it. Love the green, really brightens things up. Now I only need to have my bedroom painted. I am going to have to buy the best paint because we have mildew we have to keep dealing with and I am more careful about that with my breathing. I am eating thing with potassium but am just so tired and my right leg is sore after having some severe cramps and walking so much over the week-end.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Got home just after 6 from Charleston. Will post pictures on FaceBook later. We over slept and got there about 30 minutes late but it worked out OK. Neither alarms on our phone when off.
Any way, heart is fine no pulmonary hypertension so she thinks swelling is Prednisone so I am cutting down again! YAY! When I am done with chemo we are going to try other drug which I will talk to my Dr. about next week.
Took this as we were leaving beach.